The business perspective

Before we reach the performance stage, we spend time understanding the customer’s business, market, create targeted customer personas, and implement good product design principles. Our offerings are well-knitted to digitally transform an organization. We create exceptional experiences, processes that are profitable and systems that are powerful.

We think and do "BUSINESS"

A few brands that have benefitted from
our business approach

British Medical Journal

Delivering powerful web applications:

An expert journal requires the seamless integration of content, media, and technology at every phase of the digital journey. Read more on how we are bringing this to life and adding value to the technology platform of The British Medical Journal.


Delivering seamless and uncluttered mobility experience:

Thinking beyond boundaries and identifying the truth requires Artificial Intelligence capabilities on a longer run. Having the fraud detection feature on a mobility device calls for a lot of actions and insights. Read more on how we were able to win Logically the award-winning experience that it has to offer its customers.

Digital as a service

Cubet has the best-in-class Engineers, Subject Mater Experts, operational leaders, technical experts and administrators. We look into your business from a holistic aspect, trying to address the entire business process that would drive your product or idea. We cater to the entire logic behind the ecosystem, supporting it with our experience and knowledge.

  • AI & Analytics

    Combining the intelligence of a system and the logic of human engineering, we create enterprise solutions that accelerate value through advanced data management strategies and solutions.

  • Digital Product Engineering

    We envision, design and create tomorrow’s products and experiences for sustainable innovation. Our solutions transform legacy solutions for the cloud, modernize core infrastructure and platforms for enterprises.

  • Product Consulting

    Creation of meaningful products from concepts and ideas. We help nurture your basic ideas to real-time products, integrating the right technologies and team while encapsulating the experience altogether.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

    With our IoT architects and product engineers you now can connect the physical world to the digital world effortlessly.

Operations as a service

We also offer distributed services, trying to address individual elements within your product creation plan. With our experience and expertise, we deliver products that customers crave for. The right team of thinkers grouped together with the demanding technologies results in offering services that directly blend into your operational lifecycle.

This is not just our job; it is our passion. We design & build great applications and we do it to the best of our abilities.

Since 2007, we have made applications over mobile and web for more than 200 companies worldwide empowering them to run smarter, offer more services, and leapfrog the competition.

  • Web Applications

    Moving ahead with the technology advancements and leaving behind the static websites, we now make web applications that create accounts, submit-access-query data, run calculations and provide analytics for decision making. Whatever your requirements, we can help.

  • Mobile Applications

    We develop applications for mobile phones, tablets, apple-iOS-cross-platform, and even progressive web apps on mobiles. We guide you through the development process. And help you select the right technology to launch a mobile application that would address your concerns and customer demands.

  • Embedded (IoT)

    We develop software that drives the custom devices, sensors, tools, or products to the cloud and makes them a part of the Internet of Things. Integrating data from these custom devices to your applications is now as easy as engaging us.

We help you create, connect and orchestrate the digital components on-the-go. Our solutions include reliable and performing software (continuous integration services) instead of a test environment through DevOps. You can now architect your cloud backbone to deploy solutions. We can even help you improve deployment frequency. This leads to faster time-to-market and low failure rates.

Handling the entire digital representation of your applications, we support wire framing, preparing style guides, product UI and integration.


We enable our clients to accelerate their digital transformation journey. Cubet develops strategies to replace legacy systems with a cloud-native architecture. This is the first step for clients to evolve from traditional to digital companies.

  • Our development culture

    Our culture encourages, inspires and promotes continuous learning; and the leaders share the workload, passion, and excitement, leading to an engaged and growing development team.

    Scale-up and Scale-down

    Flexibility to execute projects and adaptability to changing project requirements makes us the right choice for start-ups and establishes companies alike.

  • Agile transformation & approach

    Transparency in our operations and accountability of the tasks we undertake make our approach straightforward.

    The speed of development

    We keep our customers in the loop throughout the development of the product from planning until final delivery thus avoiding unattended and unexpected changes.

Exciting implementations
and case studies

Multilayered Project Management System

Our client is a German technology consultancy group that focuses on corporate software consultancy and outsourcing the streamlining process.

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Contractor Work Management Software

Our client is one of the biggest heavy-duty contractors in Australia, with a staff volume of 100K plus

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