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One of the best ways of ensuring that you get the right cloud service provider is by hiring Cubet Techno Labs. This is because we have been in this industry for many years now and have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge on Cloud Computing Services.

We offer affordable yet high-quality Cloud Computing Services at affordable prices to ensure that you get value for money when it comes to our services. We believe that our best asset is our team of experts who are always available to provide assistance whenever you need it.

We are committed to ensuring that our clients have access to the best technology so that they can run their business efficiently. Our goal is simple: to help our clients succeed!

Cloud Consulting Services

For years, Cubet has been revolutionizing the cloud consulting industry by providing affordable cloud solutions, for small and medium businesses. Our team of experts will work with you to find the best solution for your business and help you get the best out of your IT investment.

We have a highly experienced team of professionals who can help you in building your infrastructure on the cloud smoothly and seamlessly. Our cloud consulting services are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We offer a wide range of services such as cloud hosting, cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud identity, and so on. Our primary aim is to help companies reduce their IT costs and enhance their business.

Our consultants will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your current IT infrastructure, application landscape and security requirements, so that they can recommend the right solution for you. After assessing all these factors, we will come up with a detailed roadmap for migrating your data from on-premises servers to a suitable cloud platform.

We offer cloud consultancy services for both private and public clouds. Our consultants will help you choose the right platform for your business needs based on your budget, security requirements, scalability requirements etc., so that you get maximum benefits without compromising on any aspect of performance or security.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon web services by Cubet offers the cloud solutions that cater to all your business needs. We can help you manage the infrastructure efficiently and smoothly.

If you are looking for a trusted partner in Amazon web services, cloud security, or disaster recovery, contact Cubet today!

We help our clients take advantage of the AWS cloud to deliver their applications. Whether it’s using AWS to make your apps faster, more scalable, more reliable, or using Amazon Web Services to build a new app, Cubet can help you get the most out of our AWS. We offer a wide range of Amazon Web Services, including consulting, training, and software development. Our team is also proficient in dealing with application development and database services.

Being one of the best Amazon Web Service provider, we also help our clients manage their eCommerce businesses on the Amazon platform.

We offer expertise in various areas, including sourcing, inventory management, and so on. Our clients are able to leverage our knowledge of Amazon to build their own unique strategies and cut costs while increasing profits.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration is the process of shifting from an on-premises infrastructure to a cloud environment. With the help of cloud migration, you can easily and smoothly move your data to any cloud platform. The three major benefits of our cloud migration services include – reducing costs, improving flexibility, and enhancing efficiency.

Our cloud migration services are flexible and customizable to meet your needs and budget. With our easy-to-use tools and dedicated professionals, we make the process of moving your data to a new cloud simple and possible. Cubet has helped many companies to transit their data to the cloud and ensure that their business is well-protected. We offer services such as disaster recovery, etc. and help with migrating from legacy systems.

At Cubet, we believe that in today’s modern world, it is important to have a backup plan in case of emergencies. Our team is experienced in helping our clients to migrate their data to the cloud so that they can continue operating without any interruptions.

Cubet’s expert team can migrate your data from one cloud provider to another with ease. This includes all your files, folders, emails and attachments. We also provide you with an option of choosing which folder or file you want to migrate first or last so that there is no loss of data at any point during the process.

Azure-Based Services

Cubet provides the best Azure-based solutions for all your needs. We offer a wide range of services, from designing and building your own cloud infrastructure to hosting your applications and data securely.

Our Azure experts have extensive experience in building highly scalable and fault tolerant systems, delivering secure and reliable solutions on time and on budget. We’re committed to helping you meet your business goals by providing professional advice, high quality service and support throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Our solutions are designed to provide the agility, elasticity, and security that businesses need to compete in the digital economy. Our services include:

Azure migration services – We can help you move your existing workloads onto Microsoft Azure so that you can benefit from its many features and capabilities.

Azure application development – We can design and develop custom software applications based on your requirements using the latest technologies such as .NET Core or NodeJS and deploy them in any region around the world using our DevOps process.


Cloud-Based Application Development Services

Cloud-based application development services are a great way to simplify the process of building a new application. The technology behind cloud-based applications is constantly evolving, which means that cloud-based development services can help you build your app faster and more efficiently than ever before.

At Cubet Techno Labs, we believe that every business should have access to the same technology that big corporations enjoy. That’s why we offer cloud-based application development services at affordable prices. Our team of expert developers will work with you to create an application that meets your specific needs while also improving efficiency and productivity within your organization.

Cubet Techno Labs offers cloud-based application development services that help businesses create new applications quickly and easily by providing them with ready-to-use tools and frameworks.
Benefits of our cloud-based application development services include:

  • You don’t need to buy expensive hardware;
  • No need to maintain servers or hire developers;
  • Lower cost of testing and deployment;
  • Easier collaboration among teams; and
  • Easy scalability.


We are constantly adding new cloud services to our portfolio and we have the best solutions for any business. We provide a wide range of applications and platforms so that you can easily manage your workload without having to worry about maintaining your own servers. Our experts have extensive experience in handling any type of project, so they will be able to help you find the right solution without delay.

Cubet offers the best cloud-based services. We’re always on top of our game, so you can be sure that your data is safe and secure. You will never have to worry about losing your important files or documents because they’re all backed up in multiple locations around the world. And since we offer a wide range of applications at an affordable price point, there’s never been a better time than now!

Cubet Techno Labs has years of experience providing IT Consulting, Cloud services, Computer Support and much more. We are able to customize our services to each and every situation. No two businesses are alike; therefore, our cloud solutions are tailored to fit the individual client’s needs. The team at Cubet Techno Labs is ready and waiting to assist you today!

If you’re looking for someone who can provide reliable cloud hosting solutions at an affordable price, Cubet Techno Labs is the right choice for you!




















CSR Embraced Technology

Yourcause is a well-known social facilitator that helps marginalised communities prosper and live peacefully. In order to provide a seamless user experience and further assist the client in achieving their goals of changing society, they chose to adopt digital transformation and cloud based services for their operations.

For cloud migration services they joined hands with Cubet. From us, they expected solutions such as:

  • To overcome their difficulty to implement digital transformation into their daily operations.
  • To replace its outdated, segregated Excel-based process management and tracking system.
  • And to develop real-time communication between users and the current system.

Cubet built and launched a cloud-based social enterprise platform with real-time communication, insights, and analytics. This was done after a thorough process of gathering customer needs. It included features like:

  • Networking 
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer management 
  • Employee engagement.

Changing the way DevOps is implemented for compliance oriented healthcare

A top healthcare product company- Curbsideup collaborated with Cubet for custom software development services to develop a healthcare online application that provides doctors with a simple way to cross-reference medical information and compare it against the prior history of effective medical therapy. They collaborated with Cubet to streamline the development process and implement DevOps challenges in creating the solution were:

  • The requirement to employ cloud based services in the development and deployment of healthcare web applications.
  • To deliver continuous builds and updates as a part of the health app development process.
  • Aside from HIPPA, the architecture for the healthcare app should adhere to French medical norms.

The solution we offered helped our customers operate more effectively. Here are some of its characteristics.

  • Best DevOps practices were applied following regulations on healthcare.
  • The cloud service chosen was Amazon Web Services, and Terraform templates were used in the deployment.
  • A Disaster Recovery Mechanism was used to handle the unforeseen problems.

Client Testimonials

“We are really proud to announce Cubet as our first Laravel partner in Asia. Because of their passionate dedication for creating powerful, sustainable Laravel applications, I know I can confidently connect people to Cubet”
“Our experience with Cubet over several years was extremely positive. We received great quality work from their engineers, and their management team was organized, professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommend considering Cubet as a business partner whether you're looking to build out an entire team or to supplement your existing staff with additional talent.”
“Cubet were responsive, flexible, fast and overall provided a fantastic service. We are very happy with the results and I'd highly recommend them.”
“Cubettech is a good partner that listens to the customer's needs. I have very good experiences with Cubettech and their people and hope for a long future together with them.”
“I've contracted Cubet Tech since 2013 for online platform development services, and they built two fully functional e-commerce platforms for me so far.”
“The guys over at Cubet have gone above and beyond as our technological partner. Excellent communication, great energy and a lot of talent to manifest the potential of world-class ideas.”
Taylor Otwell

Creator of Laravel

Andy Wachter

Co-founder, Just Play Sports Solutions LLC

Ruth Staunton

Head of Corporate Marketing, BMJ

Peter van der Schee

CEO Digirec

Ahmed Doha

Founder at Bndler

Daniel Goodall

Creative Director, Six Base

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