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Are outdated systems, inefficient processes, and workforce constraints hindering your business growth?

Cubet as a  Web App Development Company can give you a competitive advantage and the support you need to meet rising challenges.

Being the only APAC Entity in the Asia Pacific region to be both a Laravel Certified Company and a Laravel Partner, we assist our clients in creating exceptional user experiences. Our robust end-to-end Web App Development Services are tailored exclusively to solve your unique organizational challenges. 

Collaborate with us to build modern and progressive web apps that scale!

Our Full Suite of Web App Development Services

With over 15 years of experience, our experts understand the cruciality of building fully functional, robust, and scalable web applications. At Cubet, we deep dive into clients’ requirements and objectives to transform their app visions into reality. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and the right frameworks to curate tailored web applications. Our Capabilities are:
⚪ Custom Product Development ⚪ Progressive Web App Development ⚪ Product Design and Prototyping

As a certified website development company, we are renowned for our functional, convenient, and visually compelling web applications. We power our clients with websites offering invariably perfect experience across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Whether looking for answers to improve workflows or enhance the customer experience, we know what makes each tick. We develop high-performing web applications aligned with your strategic business objectives by leveraging rapid development frameworks and agile methodologies.

Being a top software outsourcing company, Cubet offers scalable and robust end-to-end eCommerce solutions to boost your business growth. Leveraging modern and custom frameworks like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and more, we create e-shops and eCommerce portals from scratch. Our experts further integrate it with various payment processes and layer it with top functionalities.

Whether you need to build a web application from scratch, migrate and modernize your legacy architecture, or streamline existing front-end applications, our web architects are proficient in all.

Drawing on our deep front-end expertise, our web app developers are skilled in building complex, innovative, responsive, and user-centric applications. Our experts seek to enhance every aspect of web applications, whether the user interface, buttons, user-entered data, websites, or user experience (UX) features.

Designing a solid back-end is imperative to accommodate scale and flexibility. Our back-end developers write reliable code that forms the foundation of your web applications. The developers also integrate advanced data structures and cutting-edge security.

Cubet has a decade of experience in building scalable solutions with front-end and back-end frameworks. Besides being visually appealing, we ensure our web app solutions are backed with robust technologies like Laravel, ASP.NET, Python, and more.

Leveraging practices like DevOps and tools like Kubernetes, Cubet helps your business scale in high-performing cloud environments. Our web app developers build and deploy your cloud-powered web apps, ensuring architecture compliance with principal regulations like HIPAA, FDA, and others.

How do we differentiate from other
Web Application Development Companies?

Technical Expertise

Cubet's Web App Developers have deep technical expertise in popular tech stacks and the latest Web App Development frameworks. We have self-sufficient development teams that approach complex business domains quickly and seamlessly.

End-to-end Support

Our experts handle every aspect of your project while always keeping you updated. From selecting the right technology stack, planning the architecture, and creating the screens to constructing the features and deploying a reliable solution – Cubet handles everything!

Time Zones Aligned

Make collaboration in a faraway to work according to your time zones, deadlines, and milestones with Cubet. Our Web App Developers remain at the forefront and develop strategic roadmaps for businesses across the globe.

Security and Scalability

Cubet not only builds modern web apps that are market disruptive, scalable, responsive, and flexible but also ensures vigilance in all aspects of website design and development. We employ the highest levels of protective measures and protocols to keep your web applications safe and secure.

Official Laravel Partnership

Cubet is an official Laravel Partner and our partnership facilitates our clients to grow together and enables them to utilize the features and power of Laravel before anyone could.

Get more insights on Laravel Development at OFFICIAL LARAVEL PARTNER
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Laravel Certified Company

Cubet has expertise and knowledge in developing Laravel apps, and we employ highly experienced Laravel Certified developers, making us a Laravel Certified company on whom our clients can trust.

Know more about us at OFFICIAL LARAVEL Certification

Our Comprehensive Portfolio Of Bespoke Applications, Platforms, And Products

Cubet’s Web App Experts has delivered 500+ award-winning web applications to global clients. Fuelled by creativity and innovation, we seek to help our clients in the best possible manner. 

The successful projects below prove our promised commitment to quality and on-time delivery.

Case study software development company

Aviation Training Made Smarter

Scandlearn and Cubet worked together to develop the answer for better technical training for aviation, blazing a path in training innovation.

An impressive new learning experience that comes with challenges:

  • Aviation learning still predominantly is physical and paper driven.
  • Only 28% of aviation workers have access to interactive learning technologies.
  • There are no mechanisms in place to handle end-to-end training, qualification management, or training records management.
  • There are no mechanisms in place to handle end-to-end training, qualification management, or training records management.  Custom learning modules cannot be added.

Training modules for cabin, flight, ground crews, handling employees, management, and technicians have brought the crew’s abilities up to date. Our solution includes:

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Qualification Management System (QMS)
  • Electronic Training Records (ETR)
  • Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA)
  • Virtual s360 training courses
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More Web Application Development Projects Can Be Seen In Our Portfolio

Client Testimonials

“We are really proud to announce Cubet as our first Laravel partner in Asia. Because of their passionate dedication for creating powerful, sustainable Laravel applications, I know I can confidently connect people to Cubet”
“Our experience with Cubet over several years was extremely positive. We received great quality work from their engineers, and their management team was organized, professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommend considering Cubet as a business partner whether you're looking to build out an entire team or to supplement your existing staff with additional talent.”
“Cubet were responsive, flexible, fast and overall provided a fantastic service. We are very happy with the results and I'd highly recommend them.”
“Cubettech is a good partner that listens to the customer's needs. I have very good experiences with Cubettech and their people and hope for a long future together with them.”
“I've contracted Cubet Tech since 2013 for online platform development services, and they built two fully functional e-commerce platforms for me so far.”
“The guys over at Cubet have gone above and beyond as our technological partner. Excellent communication, great energy and a lot of talent to manifest the potential of world-class ideas.”
Taylor Otwell

Creator of Laravel

Andy Wachter

Co-founder, Just Play Sports Solutions LLC

Ruth Staunton

Head of Corporate Marketing, BMJ

Peter van der Schee

CEO Digirec

Ahmed Doha

Founder at Bndler

Daniel Goodall

Creative Director, Six Base

Showcasing Our Brilliant Web App Solutions

We've built and deployed over 500 applications across the web, mobile, and cloud. The following are only a handful of the applications produced by Cubet and recognized by the global community.

Build Next-Gen Web Apps with Cubet

Our custom-tailored approach and agile development process make us an ideal partner for startups and enterprises. Get out-of-the-box functionality, unlimited scalability, and complete security by partnering with Cubet.

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Cubet Technology Stack

Harness the power of advanced technologies and modern web frameworks to build winning progressive web apps.

Technologies we use
Front End
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react js
Google Cloud

Engagement Models

Hire Web App Developer As Per Your Business Requirements


Coding Standards

As an Web Application Development Company, we put a high emphasis on preserving standards. We follow coding and development standards and use cutting-edge methods to make web interfaces that can grow or shrink depending on how people use them. Our coding standards offer you:

Application Security – By writing uniform and standardized code, there are fewer regions that are vulnerable and can be readily tracked for troubleshooting.

Performance Improvement – Bugs and unstructured code that have a negative influence on performance may be eliminated, resulting in improved usability.

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To hire web app developers from Cubet, you can reach out to us with your project requirements. Our team will assess your needs and provide you with a quote. You can then choose the engagement model that best suits your needs, and once confirmed, we will commence the web application development process.


Cubet distinguishes itself from its competitors by customizing its approach to align with the specific business needs of each project. This commitment to tailoring services ensures that the web app development adheres to the highest industry standards while still delivering a unique end product. Cubet’s focus on providing bespoke solutions has resulted in a reputation for excellence within the industry.


The duration of web application development can vary significantly based on multiple factors. These include the complexity of the project, the level of modularity required, the number of features needed, and various other details that impact the development process. At Cubet, we have a team of expert web app developers who possess extensive experience in web application development of varying complexity. Contact us with your requirements. By analyzing it, our team can offer a precise estimate of the time required for the project’s completion, along with a free consultation. 


At Cubet, we deliver exceptional customer support even after the completion of your project. Our comprehensive maintenance services include upgrading your web application, updating existing features or incorporating new ones, and conducting regular maintenance to ensure continued improvement. As a reputed web application development company, we make sure that your web application will remain at its optimal performance, with minimal downtime. 


With X years of experience and expertise in web application development services, Cubet has earned a reputation for creating secure, scalable, and reliable apps that cater to businesses’ unique requirements. Our team of web app developers follows an agile methodology and a user-centric approach to build custom web app solutions that align with your business goals. Our commitment to delivering exceptional web app development services has made us a good choice for web application development.


As a reputable web application development company, we offer daily email updates and we address any queries regarding upcoming development tasks and also provide the option to schedule daily or weekly calls with the development team to suit your preferences and needs.


We prioritize user-friendliness and interactivity in our web application development process. Our goal is to create applications that are intuitive and engaging for end-users, resulting in a satisfying user experience. To achieve this, we utilize responsive web design, ensuring that our apps function seamlessly across all devices, including tablets, smartphones, and desktops. 


Web applications are more accessible and can run on various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. They offer scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, making them ideal for businesses looking to expand their reach and customer base.


The cost of web application development can vary depending on the specific requirements of each project. To get a better understanding of the price contact our team with your requirements. Our development team carefully assesses the complexity of the project and the features and functionality required to deliver a comprehensive quote that outlines all costs associated with the development process. 


Our web application development company holds trust and transparency as fundamental values, and we embody them in our web application development process. When you hire web app developers from Cubet, they will engage with you to understand your requirements and provide you with a transparent quote in the initial phase. We are committed to delivering services at the quoted price, and there are no hidden charges for our clients. 


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