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Our versatile team of DevOps support/professionals includes the best talents drawn from various IT silos who work in unison to achieve the objective. This elite team comprises of top-notch DevOps service providing  Architects, Automation & Integration Specialists, Application Architects, Open Source Technologists, Cloud Orchestrators, System & Database Administrators, Quality Assurance Professionals, Build / Release / Deployment Managers.

With years of IT industry experience in delivering numerous Infrastructure, Development and Production Support Services, Cubet is well-positioned to assess, strategize, plan and deliver end-to-end DevOps solutions.

What is DevOps?

“DevOps is a new discipline that complements the Agile Delivery models for software engineering by bringing in Automation and Monitoring on the IT side and leverages Cloud computing concepts. DevOps leverages collaboration, tool-chain pipelines, automation and Cloud adoption. The immediate benefits can be observed as improved processes, more standardization, and building trust and improve productivity across development, QA and IT operations teams.”

Why DevOps? What is the point? Like, really?

In today’s rapidly evolving and competitive business ecosystems, there is a constant need for improved reliability, faster delivery and incorporating complex, novel features in an app or software. You need an accelerated delivery of service using agile principles and reduced delivery cycle times. This cannot be done without the help of a flexible operations team. This would be very difficult if your development team is oblivious to the IT requirements for code implementation. DevOps helps in bridging gaps in traditional development-IT relations and you get your much-needed focus on collaboration, automation, monitoring and increased throughput in delivering applications.

How DevOps ?

First, we have to identify your DevOps business drivers, challenges, and initiatives. Transitioning to a DevOps model will take time and effort. Many new age companies has adopted devops in their initial stages. Companies that have followed a traditional method of software development which involves releasing a huge amount of code at infrequent intervals will find it difficult to adjust to the fast paced and frequent delivery demands. DevOps brings in a culture of sharing information and creating repeatable collaborative processes. Using agile principles, we have to create cross-functional teams which comprise developers, IT Ops, infrastructure architects and a Quality Analysis team. Frequent releases and setting up test environments for them becomes a lucid process. Other major points to consider are:-

  • Automated build and release
  • Automated infrastructure/system provisioning
  • Integrating DevOps tools into a Service Delivery Platform


Business Benefits of DevOps Services:

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction & Retention
  • Increase Business Efficiency
  • Improve Response Time
  • Increase Ops alignment to business goals
  • Reduced Cost over time
  • Improve Business Agility
  • Better Employee Productivity & Satisfaction

Operational Benefits of DevOps support:

  • Faster delivery of new features
  • Better release control & versioning
  • More frequent software releases
  • Better development velocity
  • Reduce Time for Action
  • Better collaboration amongst project teams
  • Reduced IT Costs
  • Better Productivity
  • Automated server configuration reduces time window for resource management from days to minutes.

Our DevOps  Services:

  • DevOps Planning
  • Continuous Delivery and Deployment
  • Continuous Integration & Tests
  • Full time Monitoring and Support

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