Cubet top App Development Companies in the UK - As featured on AppFutura

AppFutura is the community for mobile app developers where they can meet people or companies looking to hire the best firms to develop an app project. The United Kingdom has some of the biggest and best mobile app developers on the European side of the Atlantic. On which Cubet Techno labs is listed as one among them.

 Our top mobility clients:

1. Bounts


  • 600,000+ users now and follows  5+ Years of trusted engagement
  • Bounts is a free fitness rewards app. Create a bounts account and link your favourite exercise app and devices to start earning bounts points. The bounts shop has real-world rewards from the high street to international brands.
  • Sector:
    Fitness and Ecommerce
  • Services:
    UI/UX Design, Web and Mobile app development, web hosting
  • Type:
    Web and Mobile app development
  • Technology
    used: #php  #laravel #angularjs  #ios #android #magento

2. UniPocket


  • UniPocket is your university app and a platform for the whole social experience with features like events, daily lunch deals, uni chat, news etc.
  • Sector:
    Social media Applications
  • Services:
    UI/UX Design, Mobile app development
  • Type:
    Mobile app development
  • Technology
    used:  #ios #android


Many More!!

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