News on Rails 5.0 release, new updates and more

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News on Rails 5.0 release, new updates and more

News on ruby 5.0 release, new updates and more

After a long wait, Ruby has confirmed the rollout of its latest version, Rails 5.0. The concerned authorities have been scrambling to incorporate integrations and implementations into the four betas and two release candidates for the past six months to finalize the latest update. Hundreds of Ruby on Rails developers performed more than thousand commits to make the latest version of Ruby, peerless when compared to its predecessors.

The limelight features of Rails 5.0:

As anticipated, the Rails 5.0 rollout was characterized by some notable and pleasing updates to Action Cable and API Mode.

Action Cable

The previous versions of Rails were characterized by the paucity of an impermeable client on the server side for pushing live updates to the client. The Rails community relied heavily on third party implementations akin to Pushr to achieve the task. The Rails core team rolled out Action Cable to circumvent this concern. The newly introduced framework, Action Cable manages the WebSockets in Rails. Literally transformed, Action Cable regulates connections, manages client side-interaction via a JavaScript layer and enables server-side processing.

Exclusivity of Action Cable

  • Adds to the easiness of designing live features- chat, notifications
  • Facilitates access to Active Record and PORO domain model
  • Newly added ActionController::Renderer system eliminates the need of rendering the templates outside of controllers
  • Easiness to use

API Mode

Rails has been known to support both full-stack applications characterized by server-side rendering of HTML templates and client-side JavaScript applications characterized by JSON alone. With Rails 5.0, the Rails community eliminated the ambiguity on the Rails’s capability to identify and interact seamlessly with JSON and HTML by rolling out the –api mode. Therefore, if you use rails new backend –api to create a brand new application, you are literally launching a configuration which commits the post processes to JSON instead of HTML.

Exploring the feature bundle:

  • The test runner identifies and reports inline failures, which eliminates the need for completing the suite to identify bugs.
  • Enables throw(:abort) explicitly, which eliminates the accidental halting of Active Record callbacks, in case the last statement is false.
  • ApplicationRecored reconfigured as a default parent class.

The post highlights only a handful of Rails 5.0 features. More exciting features and bundled with this update from the Rails community and if you own a rails shop, it is imperative for you to address these changes and update your Rails application accordingly.  JavaScript have been dominating the web development jargon for the past decade. It’s only a matter of time before you see the web frameworks being conglomerated or pruned into mere API services. The feature updates tagged with Rails 5.0 seems to be tailored by taking this into consideration.

At Cubet, we maintain a team of Ruby on Rail developers who are adept with pertinent syntax and nuances. Our RoR team of developers focuses on code reliability, reusability and robustness. If you have an expert team of Ruby on Rails developers, feel free to contact us to talk to one of our RoR professionals and to get a free quote.

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