Cubet Enters Strategic Partnership with Leading Middle Eastern Insurance Provider!

Cubet Enters Strategic Partnership with Leading Middle Eastern Insurance Provider!

Exciting news from Cubet! We've teamed up with a top Insurance Service Provider in the Middle East to boost digital solutions and elevate customer experiences. This partnership is a big win for us, highlighting our commitment to Enterprise Software, especially in the field of Insurance technology. 

Established over thirty years ago and headquartered in the Middle East, our new partner has made a name for itself as the fastest-growing insurance entity in the region since its debut in 2009. Renowned for delivering top-tier insurance services globally, they have a strong reputation for leveraging digital technology to enhance customer experiences.

As the insurance sector rapidly digitizes, the challenges of high-scale technology upgrades and the necessity for constant innovation become increasingly apparent. Our partnership aims to tackle these challenges head-on by harnessing Cubet's software development and process innovation proficiency.


Our commitment to this partnership encompasses:

• Advanced Application Development Services: Our immediate focus will be on improving the frontend customer service portals and comprehensive backend analytics, ensuring a holistic approach to application development that meets the evolving needs of the insurance industry.

• Scalability Solutions: Drawing upon cutting-edge technology and advanced architectural insights, we will help meet the scalability challenges enabling seamless expansion and growth.

Strategic Staff Augmentation: Through the provision of top-tier talent specialized in process settlement, optimization, and workflow automation, we empower our partners to scale operations without limitations, driving sustained growth and efficiency.

• Continuous Innovation: Our commitment to relentless innovation ensures that the client's digital solutions are continually enhanced and refined, enabling our partner to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.


Our partnership is centered around mutual growth and innovation, with a clear mission to deliver outstanding value to customers. By prioritizing innovation and customer service, we're positioned to revamp our client's digital services, empowering them to provide enhanced insurance solutions to their customers effortlessly. Moreover, we'll equip them with valuable insights and analytics to refine their business operations.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in insurance services and technology.

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