Reinventing services - Digital Vs Operations

Reinventing services - Digital Vs Operations

Service companies always align their offerings based on market requirements. Customers want to adopt technologies that are new, fast, changing and reliable to stay aligned with the digital transformation trend; at the same time adopting the best ways of utilizing the cloud-based infrastructure and reducing costs.

Structuring the offerings based on customer requirements

Scott Cook said, "Instead of focusing on the competition, focus on the customer."

Cubet has worked with more than 200 customers over a decade now and has executed more than 600 projects for them, mostly repeated business. In all these years, we felt that not all customers want you to develop products based on ready-made specifications or want you to code using a specific technology. Customers are vivid and splendid, they know their issues and challenges but often defer from entering an engagement due to lack of clarity and limited options.

It is often a painful process for the customers to evaluate suppliers, understand methodologies, offerings and then craft a way that would work better for them. This usually wastes a lot of precious time which could otherwise be utilized for brainstorming and implementation. Cubet understands that this gap is a result of what we present to our customers, our approach to their requirements and the lack of better options.

We thus evaluated our offerings and decided to group them into two sections, digital as a service and operations as a service.

Digital As A Service:

Digital focuses on addressing customer's requirements from a holistic birds-eye view where a customer is taken through a process of discussion, evaluation, understanding, analysis, and implementation. This works well with customers who understand their basic issues and would like to develop a solution or a process to eradicate the problem. Such customers would like to be serviced from the perspective of a consultant who is knowledgeable and carries experience enough to guide them throughout the automation lifecycle.




One of our customers who is a leading automobile designing house approached us with a similar case where they have issues bothering them with increased overheads, decreased booking and increased waiting time for design selection and confirmation. Cubet approached this project from a digital perspective where we evaluated the root cause and devised a strategy and road-map to increase and improve efficiency and profits. Our experience working on similar projects was brought to the desk and the customer was presented the specific offerings encapsulating our advice and knowledge from a consultant's perspective. Discussing a piecemeal, offering our services as an extensive menu and asking them to select one made no sense in this scenario. This helped us address the customer in the way he was expecting.

Click here to read a detailed case study on the automobile designing house.


To a customer approaching us with their issues, we do not present an entire gamut of services, complex and hard to understand; rather we give them specific offerings that they need to review.

Over these years, we are able to attract talent and nurture them so that they can act as the core team for Cubet’s development and contribute to our objective of serving customers efficiently. Based on this experience, we are capable to address different issues of our customers from a holistic view and help them solve critical issues using Artificial Intelligence and the Internet Of Things.

Digital As A Service helps those prospects who are willing to share their vision and expect us to envision, design and create the vision into meaningful products considering the end customers and users. This is accomplished by the group of thinkers, analysts, and engineers who are part of the team offering services tied-up under the banner of Digital product engineering.


An advertisement house approached us a few months ago with the aim of studying their customers whom they were not able to retain. They understood that their traditional methods were not paying off for the competition, and they had to come up with something better but the problem was to understand what requires change. Cubet offered our product engineering services that helped the customer understand the possibilities of automation and make decisions better.

A piece of detailed information is available on this project:  Click here


For customers who have a detailed understanding of their product but need someone experienced to guide them in nurture the basic ideas to real-time products, integrating the right technologies and team while encapsulating the experience altogether; we offer product consulting services.

One of our customers in healthcare wanted us to support them with cloud migration and setup of DevOps practices, all considering the healthcare compliances. They had a complete idea of their product and the scale at which it will grow. They wanted the development to be LIVE and the solution had to be developed and deployed over the cloud with development happening seamlessly with constant build updates. The infrastructure should be compliant to french medical standards apart from HIPPA and also should be scalable to accommodate future expansion plans. Cubet offered them product consultation services, guiding them throughout the process and discussing updates continuously to make active decisions.

Click here to read a detailed case study.


Operations As A Service:

We offer distributed services to customers who have a detailed understanding of their product or solution. We try to address individual elements within a customer's product creation plan and presenting them only what is required. We help them assemble the right team of thinkers grouped together to blend into their operational lifecycle. 



We have made applications over mobile and web for companies worldwide empowering them to run smarter, offer more services, and leapfrog the competition. Our web applications can create accounts, submit-access-query data, run calculations and provide analytics for decision-making. We help you drive the custom devices, sensors, tools, or products to the cloud and make them a part of the Internet of Things. All your application development requirements addressed with the right team and right skillsets. The customers are presented with the specific application development expertise they require and that matches their demands.

We have experts with in-depth knowledge of different programming languages and technologies ranging from .net, java, PHP, python to AWS, Oracle, Kubernetes, etc. that could be utilized based on project requirements. Operations As a Service looks towards addressing specific and detailed project requirements through the right skillsets who could deploy their knowledge in programming and project management to make projects successful. We offer our customers application development, designing, and deployment services after evaluating their specifications thus helping them streamline the selection process. This enables them to reduce the waiting time and speeds up selection.

IDD was one such project worth mentioning where we offered Operations As a Service for the customer who specifically demanded Laravel to make the base objective of idea-sharing possible. Available across ios, android, and web, this application managed ideas within an organization and included idea capture and refinement to evaluation, execution and impact analysis. The backend was developed to gather ideas from different members within an organization and then evaluating each idea based on 35 different signals and interactions. We employed php experts with Laravel experience to use different inbuilt features that facilitated us to make this easy and implement within the short time the customer had to publish. Multiple levels of authentication, routing, sessions, and caching, were implemented using Laravel.

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