Customer Background

Our Customer is a  leading Healthcare product company that delivers value-added solutions to the hospitals enhancing their existing digital infrastructure for better decision-making. The customer has a core team of Subject Matter Experts who are doctors and medical practitioners understanding the underlying challenges in healthcare.

Project Background

In Healthcare, doctors often select medication based on their experience and knowledge. The more experienced a doctor is, the better would be the detection of the disease and medication. The customer wanted to create a healthcare web application that could target the less experienced doctors as well as the experienced doctors and medical practitioners with an easy way of cross-referencing medical records and comparing against the prior history of successful medical therapy for taking evidence-based clinical decisions.


The healthcare web application development and deployment should be over the cloud with health app development happening seamlessly with constant build and updates. The infrastructure for the healthcare web application should be compliant to french medical standards apart from HIPPA and should be scalable to accommodate future expansion plans. 


Cubet supported the healthcare customer throughout the web application development and deployment phase of the project. Cubet implemented DevOps best practices inline with healthcare-related compliances and streamlined flow across software development until delivery. Amazon Web Services(AWS) was selected for cloud and the implementation was done using Terraform templates and automation of Code Deployment and Configuration was done using platforms like Jenkins, GitLab-CI. Considering the healthcare application requirements and the scalability, we implemented isolated environments for Staging, Development, and production. In order to manage the unforeseen issues, we implemented a Disaster Recovery mechanism including DR emergency recovery procedure in place with RPO and RTO, Testing DR scenario, Replicating DR VPC.

To facilitate a smooth migration and deployment of the healthcare web application, we implemented data Management including Datastores (S3 and EBS) to be properly backed up in different region (DR site), restore procedures in place, Enforce data retention requirements, Data Storage, Backup, Restore, Retention, Disposal & validate everything is in place.


Our customer saw improved efficiency in healthcare web application development and implementation within two months of deployment. The solution we provided helped the client in achieving sustainable growth while cutting costs.

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