Customer Background

An independent innovative Marketing Agency that provides advertising campaigns through a mix of channels both locally & Internationally.

Project Background

Being a decade old Marketing agency, the customer was following the existing application for campaign management that acts as a mere software with no added value which a customer might expect. This made it difficult for them to retain customers in the technology-driven ERA, and innovations and insight-driven interfaces were felt like an essential requirement. It was vital that they give their end-users the flexibility and facility to implement campaigns that were tested and would yield results. This would require accessing a large pool of information, analyzing it and creating meaningful conversations.


After analyzing the conversations, grouping existing content based on attributes and the intent of the conversation was challenging.  


Introducing a creative solution that users could use to initiate campaigns was vital to grow business and improve usage.

An AI solution was created to understand and map different attributes from the conversation including the impact, business value, message, demographics, and audience, etc. Machine learning models along with deep learning techniques were implemented to understand a variety of conversations,  responses and then tag them to be reused for a particular scenario. Thus, helps the user to predict the impact of any content sent to their respective target audience. Additionally, the platform was trained and made capable of suggesting content depending on specific questions answered by the user. So any user willing to send an email would have to appear for a set of choices based on the requirement and the application automatically creates the respective conversation based on the scenario. This required training the AI system and using the deep learning and ML models to assist its analysis.


Customer retention for the organization showed a rapid spike in the initial three months itself and finally contributing to a 50% retention of the existing customers in the following year. The capability to suggest and create content directly contributed to an increase in new customer base.

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