Cubet Creates Successful Web and Mobile Applications Empowered With Laravel Framework - Know our winning strategy

Cubet Creates Successful Web and Mobile Applications Empowered With Laravel Framework - Know our winning strategy

A lot of frameworks and technologies are available when you plan to develop an application. However, at Cubet, we resort to building applications on Laravel, and so far, we have successfully executed all our development projects. We make this possible by leveraging the beautiful synergy of our development goals with Laravel enabling us to meet our client's needs.

Our way of working on development projects powered by Laravel frameworks does wonders. To make it possible, we use our success mantra. Here in this article, we are sharing our winning strategy ideas and how we work together as a team to make the entire development project a sure success. 

But before we begin talking about how we do, we want you to know the impact of Laravel in contributing to the web and mobile app development market. 


Laravel market share in programming framework

Laravel has a market share of 0.29% in the programming-framework market. Around the world, in 2022, over 37566 companies started using Laravel as a programming framework tool. Companies using Laravel for programming-framework are majorly from the United States, with 12699 customers. 24.45% of Laravel customers are from the United States. Other top countries using Laravel are India and the United Kingdom, with 5103(9.82%) and 3998(7.70%) customers, respectively.

Now with the introduction of the new Laravel 9 version, there are a number of features that have driven the framework to become one of the leading PHP frameworks for building robust web and mobile applications. Some of the newest features of Laravel 9 are:

  • Minimum PHP Requirement
  • Anonymous Stub Migration
  • New Query Builder Interface
  • PHP 8 String Functions


Cubet As An Official Partner of Laravel

Over the last six years, Cubet has been building Laravel web and mobile apps that are scalable, stable, secure, and award-winning. Fetching immense development experience in Laravel, we have become the experts in product development. We can seamlessly assemble simple to complex applications with a great strategic fit for our customers. We build, manage and maintain exciting products with great agility and perfection. We handle the iterations and evolve with the changing requirements of our customers. 

Today, Cubet is an official Laravel partner providing top-notch Laravel app development, customization, and consulting services. We have the best team of Laravel experts in the house who can develop several web apps for customers as per their preferences. We consult global companies and help them choose the right technology, enabling quicker product development cycles and seamless deployment. 

As a Laravel-certified technology partner, we provide high-grade Laravel expertise and consulting services. We helped startups and several organizations across the globe to transform digitally with excellent efficiency and improved productivity. We build scalable applications for our customers by involving them throughout the project life-cycle and ensure to meet their requirements by following an agile, well-defined, and transparent approach.


How Do We Develop Projects With Laravel?

Cubet delivers futuristic enterprise-level Laravel applications by integrating AI and ML solutions. We use the below technologies with the Laravel framework to enhance the efficiency and performance of your web and mobile applications. The below technology frameworks are used for developing frontend projects along with Laravel because their architectural features enable developers to build MVPs at a fast pace and allow the efficient development of perfectly scalable single-page web apps. In addition, the front end makes expressive and elegant syntax leading to the design of robust web applications. 


How Do We Approach A Given Project?

Gathering Information

Our team will collect info on purpose, primary goals, and of course, the targeting audience of the web app. Then we brainstorm and come up with new ideas. At this stage, we will clarify all doubts.

Wireframing and Planning

We will initiate wireframing, prototyping, and feasibility analysis in this phase. This will be the first stage of implementation.

Graphic and UI Designing

Now the visual components and plans, like design strategy, PSDs, and screens, are crafted by our professionals. Now it's ready for presenting to the client.

First Draft to Final Delivery

The first draft of the project is presented to the client. After a round of changes, improvements, and approval, we will launch the project.

Quality and Extension

Quality assurance and a security audit are done at every stage of project development, from the first draft to the project launch.

Development and Optimization

Our developers create functional elements, algorithms, and other backend modules while integrating them with UI at this step using the effective tool kit by Laravel, adding to the total efficiency of the application.


How Do We Serve Custom Solutions For Our Clients Worldwide?

Being one of the most trusted Laravel development partners for companies, we ensure to build custom solutions that match our client's requirements. 

We become the most trusted technology partners for our customers and consult them when they have an idea or want to develop applications using Laravel but are unable to find a plan and the best architecture to start with. This process involves budgeting, selecting the right tools, creating the right mix of team and skillsets, and choosing the right infrastructure for deployment.

From the beginning, we help them develop the best solution with the preferable stack for web development along with Laravel. We analyze their requirements, create sustainable solutions for designing the best products, provide viable suggestions to optimize their performance, facilitate in-app migration, and develop value-added products. We have delivered more than 200 web apps with improved quality and efficiency of the code. Our experience has helped several customers provide best-in-class web and mobile application development solutions. 

Cubet helps companies migrate their existing Laravel solutions to the cloud by owning the cloud-first approach. We have certified Amazon and Microsoft engineers who help us implement this migration. With our dedicated developers having immense talent and expertise in building robust applications, we relieve our customers from the burden of hiring and migrating Laravel developers. We offer dedicated developers who can support them from product prototyping through regression testing.


Our Case studies

From startups to established enterprises, Cubet has worked for various customers from several industrial domains. We are incredibly proud of our work as a team. Here are a few of our exciting Laravel projects that will help you gain insights into our work.


Idea Management and Collaboration Platform For Employers

Problem Area:

Our client is an award-winning UK-based Digital agency offering excellent products. The client wanted an intelligent system that could become his leading working platform and the very first thing they could visit when going online. They wanted to build a powerful, vibrant community that could compel organizations to become active in searching and "pulling ideas". In addition, the client wanted some workable features to help them get regular updates, bulletins, and real notifications about the progress. 

Solutions Provided by Cubet:

From ideation to implementation, we have built an idea management and collaboration platform, helping them align with bespoke workflow processes for fetching ideas from organized sources. We created a platform with inbuilt tools aligned with bespoke workflows. We developed the backend with Laravel to curate ideas from different organization members and evaluated each idea from 35 different signals and interactions. 

We developed an app that automated tracking of action, ranking, scoring, and setting prioritization of ideas. We used Laravel blade technology for the frontend system for frictionless login and sign-up experience. To address their daily challenges regarding data and space management, client response, and gamification, we developed various tools such as idea curation tools, team management portals, real-time notifications, and space management tools. 


Niche Creative Social Media Platform

Problem Area:

It was an amazing experience to build a niche social media application for creatives and influencers for our Swedish client, a startup. The company has a creative team of young professionals working with a unique vision. The client wanted an iOS application to facilitate collaborations and relationships between creatives. They wanted an app that could create a space for users to share their creative collection with a like-minded audience and should not look like Facebook. The client envisioned a unique user experience by leveraging influencer marketing strategies for monetization.

Solution Provided by Cubet:

Cubet created a native iOS app with the capacity to develop and help digitalize revenue streams for creatives. The app provides hassle-free connectivity options with the community for creative people. In addition, the app auto-suggests the relevant hashtags for posts and has a complete Admin system enabling traffic analytics and other metrics. Overall, we built an app with unique features like Feed editing, reordering, resizing, pinch zooming, live text, voice chat, and other social media features.


Contractor Work Management Software

Problem Area:

The client from Australia dealing with construction contracts wanted an innovative software system for automating and digitizing operations such as subcontracting process, subcontractor staff management, salary management, work allocation, efficient calculation, etc. The client expected to have an extensive system that enables digitizing entire operations and eliminating the administrative flaws that became the major concern for the management. The client had multiple work locations, and several contractors, and the app need wider business logic to accommodate all aspects related to the user role. The app also should accommodate a wider user base enabling a better user experience.

Solution Provided by Cubet:

Cubet provides client-specific business requirements and suggested keeping mobile apps for the frontend user operations and web portals for the contractors and management. In addition, a construction subcontractor time-work-salary management software was built by Cubet to digitize the entire operations leading to a sharp decline in administrative flaws. We created the first app on Native iOS and Android for the employees, and the second app was built on Angular-Laravel for web portals. The app comprised key features like geo-location-based check-in and checkout, resource working time management tool, payroll dashboard, subcontractor dashboard, and various support systems. 


Key Takeaway

Laravel framework will continue to remain the choicest technology stack for the development of high-end and multivariant web and mobile apps. Moreover, apps built on Laravel create higher user engagement and provide valuable user experiences empowered with intelligent user interfaces. 

Your apps can turn out to be smarter, accurate, safe, scalable, responsive, and valuable within the affordable budgets of your business. Working with the best Laravel-certified experts can help you design feature-rich and custom websites and applications, enabling higher conversions and improved business productivity. With Cubet, your business will experience phenomenal digital transformation because we work with the best technology expertise that ensures sustainable and quality app development solutions.

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