Cubet provides software development and consultancy to worldwide corporations, assisting them in selecting the appropriate technology, reducing time to create and launch digital products. We partnered with Laravel to solve client difficulties by providing Laravel development and consulting services using intuitive capabilities inherent into the PHP-based framework.

Laravel Development &

Laravel development is the most popular and stable web application frameworks available today. Laravel, along with Lumen, the stunningly fast micro-framework for APIs helps us to create robust, scalable and secure web applications and REST APIs. Laravel is best suited for developing applications using the layered architecture stack, where the backend & APIs are built using Laravel and frontend is developed using Angular.js, React.js or mobile apps.

We are a highly experienced, highly dedicated team of Laravel developers with experience of countless systems and site using the world's most popular PHP framework - Laravel.

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We've been working with Laravel technology for a long time and are a Laravel-recognized partner. We believe that successful initiatives begin with solid partnerships and a long-term perspective.

Whether it's creating lightning-fast APIs and microservices with Laravel or maintaining your product with block-of-time maintenance contracts, Cubet has done it all throughout the projects it's completed.


We've successfully created and deployed several complex web and mobile apps with Laravel. Given the framework's tremendous versatility and the low cost at which projects can be finished, we have no hesitation in recommending and delivering projects using Laravel.

  • Consulting

    We serve as a technical partner for Laravel projects, assisting clients with budgeting, picking tools, forming teams and skill sets, and determining the best infrastructure for deployment.

  • Application development

    We start from scratch, mature, and then fine-tune the ideal solution.

  • Code Auditing

    We can help you speed up your code release, assure code maturity, and maintainability by detecting defects, security breaches, or violations of programming norms using our extensive understanding of Laravel and its newest updates.

  • Performance optimization

    We can apply rigorous analysis to optimise your Laravel code so that it is smaller, uses less memory, and executes faster.

  • Application reengineering

    We can increase the efficiency of your current legacy apps by re-engineering them in laravel.

  • Laravel app migration

    Migrate your current Laravel applications to the cloud with authorized Amazon and Microsoft developers

  • Dedicated Laravel developers

    Dedicated developers that can assist you from product prototype through regression testing.

  • Testing and Maintenance

    We offer the experience to make your Laravel application bug free and long-lasting, from testing as a service to maintenance and support.

Major Clients

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Pivot it
By The Scruff
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Idea Drop
Tech Mahindra

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