Laravel scores high on the list of best PHP development frameworks of 2017. The reason? Well, it’s the endless list of these unique features solely owned by Laravel. At Cubet, we have personally experienced the benefits of Laravel and strongly recommend it for web development. A deep look at the advantages of Laravel can make it your favorite too!

1. Laravel is free

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework. It has emerged as a popular framework with capabilities to handle and deliver complex as well as simple projects easily.

2. Laravel has MVC architecture for code organization

The Model View Controller (MVC) architecture in Laravel comes with a wide variety of built-in features. This architecture helps to enhance performance and simplifies documentation.

3. Laravel has its own libraries

Laravel has its own pre-installed libraries like the Authentication Library. It has many advanced features such as Bcrypt hashing, password reset etc, which makes authentication process safer but at the same time simpler.

4. Laravel has its own templating engine

Laravel has its own templating engine named Blade. It allows to write plain PHP in the templates with no additional cost overheads for your application.

5. You’re not alone here

A large community of Laravel users are actively engaged in making the framework much better with upgrades and unique features. The community extends a supporting hand to coding geeks and Laravel users.

6. Built-in Database Query Builder

Laravel has a built-in interface used to run database queries. It works smoothly on all supported database systems.

7. Unit-Testing Support

With Laravel’s unit-testing support, developers need not have to worry about unexpected bugs and breakdowns. Each unit is thoroughly tested to be proceeded further.

8. Artisan Command-Line Interface

Artisan is a built-in tool in Laravel. This tool performs a number of repetitive and tedious commands which usually the developer has to perform manually.

9. The “Lumen” Micro Framework

The ‘Lumen’ micro framework is the Laravel super-light version which helps you to build lightning fast API’s

10. Zero Downtime PHP Deployment with ‘Envoyer’

Laravel has a one click, zero-downtime PHP deployment tool named Envoyer helping developers to deploy updated code with almost zero downtime.

Need help to start with Laravel?

Laravel is the “PHP Framework for Web Artisans”. To effectively reap these benefits to build robust web applications, you need the right skills and trained professionals. Cubet has a team of Laravel experts who can convert these benefits into meaningful solutions for you. To know more about our Laravel offers and the versatile tool ‘LACASSA’ built by Cubet Laravel experts, click here

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