Why Laravel is a Sought-after PHP Framework among Enterprises?

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Why Laravel is a Sought-after PHP Framework among Enterprises?

The PHP popular frameworks like Laravel has always created the hype for enterprises. Although there are a wide variety of PHP frameworks like CodeIgnitor, CakePHP, etc, available in the market, CodeIgnitor is by far the most sought-after PHP framework. Why is it so loved among enterprises and developers?

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Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework developed and maintained by Taylor Otwell. Its initial release was in June 2011. The latest version of Laravel is version 5.5, released on July 10th, 2017. One of its main advantages is the simple and hassle-free authentication techniques. As the authentication is configured smoothly, it provides easy access to resources.

Model View Controller (MVC) architecture

The Model-View-Controller is a popular software architectural pattern made up of three parts, used to separate the application logic from the User Interface layer. In Laravel, it improves clarity between the presentation and logic, documentation and enhances performance with the help of the built-in features.

Learning curve

Laravel has an easy and quick learning curve. If you are well-versed with the basics of core PHP, object-oriented PHP and basic framework ideas, then learning Laravel will be just a kid’s play for you. A large community of Laravel supporters is also available to support the booming Laravel coders and users.

Stability and performance

Laravel is best suited for large project teams working on complex and long-term projects. The Artisan command tool in Laravel is a genuine performance booster as it takes up most of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks which initially had to be done manually.

Blade templating engine

A templating engine helps to simplify the reuse of markups and minimize the developer’s efforts with a set of features and functionalities. The Blade templating engine in Laravel allows the developers working on it to use plain PHP code in views. The developers also have the advantages of template inheritance and sections with Blade.

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