Why Laravel 5.4 is the right Backend for your Web Application?

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  • 7 years ago
Why Laravel 5.4 is the right Backend for your Web Application?

Web developers have always selected Laravel as their favourite framework to build perfect project solutions thereby providing the best user experience and client functionality requirements. Laravel became the most demanded and prime rated PHP framework just within a short span of two years and the popularity has now skyrocketed with the release of the latest version Laravel 5.4,

Laravel has always one single goal, that is to make development easy by catering an accessible, robust, accessible and simple web application framework, and it has so far never disappointed the developers or clients both.

Why do developers count on Laravel?

Restful Routing

It has an easy routing approach even for beginners and you can use simple closures in order to respond to requests from your application. Moreover, it brings more flexibility in routing and hence is very simple to build responsive applications.

Eloquent ORM

Laravel includes its own ORM which is simple and helps effectively with organizing the database of application. It works amazingly well on SQL server, MySQL, Postgres and SQLite.

Great Documentation

The documentation of Laravel is popular for being well-ordered and thorough. It is very useful for beginners and experienced users as it covers almost everything needed.

Perfect for all size

Do you want to build big enterprise applications or just a simple JSON APIs? With Laravel, you can do both. It’s always ready for tomorrow.


Laravel stands out from other frameworks as it comes with its own CLI, Artisan. As a developer you can perform multiple tasks which includes seeding and migrating databases, clearing cache and what not.

Unit Testing

The Laravel framework is built keeping in mind testing so that no new updates or changes won’t break its flow of action. It is very stable yet flexible, much easier than you can ever imagine!

Laravel now has graduated to version 5.4 with a variety of amazing features and optimizations, making it even more popular in the community.

A Glimpse on extended features of Laravel 5.4

Laravel Dusk

An end to end browsing testing tool exclusively made for applications enabled by JavaScript, Laravel Dusk is very simple to use without really setting up Selenium and is best to perform page interaction tests. It gives instant response to user as it comes with a default ChromeDriver.

Blade Components and Slots

The easiest way to create templates designed to provide you more flexibility. You can add Slots and Components to Blade templates, which will simplify the building of reusable HTML elements.

Markdown Mail

Adding on to Mailables and Notifications released by Laravel 5.3,  the latest version has now brought Markdown system which can used by developers while creating HTML emails which give an easy path to send emails.


Collections are somewhat similar to arrays, where you can do addition, deletion and iteration of the contents. The Collection class provides a convenient wrapper to work with arrays.

Real Time Facades

Now developers can get rid of scores of unwanted code to transform class to facade automatically on demand. Prefix “Facades” to the namespace of any of your applications class while importing the same, and use it as a Laravel “facade” on real time.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, Laravel 5.4 has come up with the pretty cool features which reduces the stress of the developer’s coding task and provides clients the best Laravel web based solutions. The web applications created in Laravel 5.4 are responsive, efficient, quick, and robust and offers easy navigation. No wonder Laravel, no matter the competition, still remains to be the trend setter among its fellow PHP frameworks!

At Cubet, we focus on navigating with time and developing innovative ideas that make technology fruitful and accessible. Our expert team will help you develop Laravel enabled applications and give a life to your business idea and design.

If you need any assistance with Laravel development, please mail us on info@cubettech.com

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