New features in Laravel 5.8 and event updates

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New features in Laravel 5.8 and event updates

With each release of Laravel comes a new set of features, and we believe that understanding them paves way for testing functionalities before they are been applied on LIVE projects. Through this blog post, we shall introduce you to some new features added within the Laravel 5.8 version along with few events that shall be useful to the Laravel community. Do reach us through an email or the contact us page, and we will be happy to help you as a Laravel partner.

Major Updations In Laravel

Laravel 5.8

Laravel 5.8 released in 2019 is the next big thing in Laravel. In addition to the exciting features of the previous versions like Bundles which provide a modular packaging system along with Composer, Eloquent ORM presenting database tables, Query Builder which builds queries programmatically, Blade templating engine, Database seeding, Automatic pagination and Homestead, Laravel has many things in store for the users.

Carbon Updates

Carbon Updates like Carbon Immutable are coming to Laravel 5.8. This update helps in creating classes for different date and times in the framework.

TTL Changes

The next major impact will fall on TTL changes. The time to live features which were available in minutes will now shrink to seconds. The cache duration is made short-lived based on the new update. The cache storage operators will consider the integer values passed as seconds in L5.8. If the user still needs cache storage in minutes, he is entitled to use the same using the proper syntax.

No more Array and String Helpers

In L5.8 the array and string helpers are deprecated. In L5.9 the functions will be removed. If the user needs the helpers, specific packages can be used to incorporate the helper functions. The deprecation of the Helpers will have a minimalistic impact as this is rarely used.

Automatic Policy Resolution

Policies and models available in conventional locations need not be registered in this new release. The policies can be looked up using the ‘GATE’ function. The policies, if desired, can be manually added by the users.

Blade Template File Path

Combined blade templates will include the blade template path. This additional feature helps in Blade debugging in PHP if mapped to the blade templates.

Laravel Money

Laravel Money is a composer package for formatting money in Laravel objects. Money values can be any. The new functions added include comparisons, aggregations, formatting, and parsing.

Laravel SweetAlert

Laravel SweetAlert2 integrates Laravel package with JavaScript SweetAlert2. Using the alert() functions, alert messages can be coded.

Laravel 5.8.12

The 400th version of Laravel, Laravel 5.8.12 is released with duplicates() function in Collection class. The index of the values from the object is returned in this function. The same function is added in Eloquent Class to find the duplicate values. getviews() function added will retrieve all the view information from currently loaded views. Email methods are included to intimate the user on the failure of scheduled commands. The SET datatype is added in the MySQL Grammar. IN and NOT IN functions are added which can be passed as strings to the Query Builder.  Memory leakage and other bugs are fixed in Laravel 5.8.12.

Laravel 5.8.13

A new Laravel error blade directive is added in L5.8.13. Also, the IN and NOT IN functions added in L5.8.12 are reverted. Custom DBAL types can be made in L5.8.13.

Upcoming Laravel Events

Laracon EU 2019 Madrid

Laracon is the official event of Laravel. The upcoming LARACON EU is happening at Madrid on May 23, 2019. Laracons are attended by community developers who have the passion to develop web-based applications. Tickets for this event can be purchased at a rate of € 249.

The next LARACON EU will happen in August in Amsterdam.

Bobby Bouwmann’s Talk on Design Patterns

On May 28, 2019, Bobby Bouwmann will deliver a talk on the updated design patterns in Laravel. This event can be attended free of cost but limited only to 80 Laravel enthusiasts.

Laravel Poznan Meetup

Laravel Poznan Meetup is scheduled to be held on June 6, 2019. This event also can be attended free of cost and Laravel has also planned to share live streaming of the session in their profile.

Laravel Live UK

The official Laravel PHP conference for the UK will be a  two-day conference on 10 – 11 June 2019. The talks will be specifically focused on Laravel Ecosystem and related technologies.

Laracon US

Laracon US will be held at The PlayStation Theater in Times Square NY on July 24, 25 of 2019. The talks in this event by a wide range of speakers will be focused mainly on immediately actionable content.

Laracon EU 2019

Europe’s leading Laravel conference is scheduled to be held at Madrid on 23rd May and at Amsterdam on 28th-30th of August. Just grab your tickets for witnessing diverse learning and gaining business opportunities.

The Future of Laravel

The packages like SSH, Cashier, FlySystem, Scheduler, and Socialite are the next-gen ideas for web projects. The authentication systems are made simple with the help of social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Laravel’s Command Line Interface (CLI) called Artisan is added to incorporate different components. Laravel is the best choice for coding web development projects as it provides components which are easy to learn and use. Laravel 5.19 is in pipeline to strike back with greater advantages.

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