How Sleekjs Eases your Node.js Development

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Node JS is a JavaScript based software program devised by Ryan Dahl. The program, which was meant to be a suitable platform for server side and networking applications, was unveiled in 2009. Node JS applications which are usually single threaded can be run from Node JS runtime on Mac OS X and Linux without any changes. Due to the asynchronous nature of the application, Node JS is fairly and generally used in conjunction with real time applications.  The impact of Node JS was such that even the social media giant like LinkedIn endorsed its potential by adopting it.

Node JS is evolving with time and each day different methods are being launched to enhance this software platform. Have you heard off Sleek JS? If no, then this is one of the new revelations in the MVC framework category which assists Node JS development and makes the process relatively easy. When it comes to Node JS development with Sleek JS, it literally acts as a wrapper which binds together the existing framework ‘Express’ together with the template engine ‘handlebars’ and Node JS.

How Sleekjs will help you???

Sleek JS wraps express.js with a Model View Controller or MVC architecture. Express.js is used by Sleek.JS as its core and this is something that comes handy when it comes to working with web applications.   Sleek JS is designed in such a way so as to help developers to devise node dominated/based web applications in conventional coding style as doable with Django, Ruby on Rails or Codeigniter.

Sleek JS, by catering better routes and assets handling, supports modular development which in turn makes the application extensible. One of the characteristic features of Sleek JS is its ability to support almost all the npm packages, which are easy to be integrated. The npm modules can be added to the project by using external libraries.

The feature ‘loading libraries globally’ coming with Sleek.js can be used for extending the app.js file, without editing. We also have the option of writing custom libraries for the cause of adding npm modules as well as configuring them so as to make it usable in controllers. With sleek.js assisted node.js development, all the module integrations will be documented in our docs . The support forum will highlight all the steps necessary to integrate common node packages like grunt, passport etc.  Even though sleek.js gives the impression of being only a wrapper when looked upon from the outset, it is literally preferred by most of the developers. This is due to the fact that it shares most of the features of popular MVC frameworks like Codeigniter Django.

Sleek.js also assists node.js development ideally by enabling modules to extend or update the existing functions.  The framework is also renowned for using a clean routing technique. The fact that sleek.js enables you to devise web applications using plug and play themes is something that makes it to standout among other frameworks. From all the facts highlighted above, it is evident that sleek.js is a perfect framework that could be used to create powerful web applications in node.js platform. With sleek.js, there are no concerns regarding performance, maintenance and flexibility. This MVC framework, together with Node JS, can be the secret ingredient to devising the perfect web application.

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