How AI is helping farmers to feed 10 Billion people?

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  • 4 years ago
How AI is helping farmers to feed 10 Billion people?

Agriculture and farming are some of the most traditional professions still prevailing today. With the advancement of technology, it has revolutionized the techniques of sowing seeds until harvesting. Moreover, the penetration of robotics and analytical tools have eased the task of inspecting the quality of yield. It has improved a wide range of agricultural tasks in the entire food supply chain. Beyond all, the latest advancement in Artificial Intelligence works by exceeding the human brain. It offers breakthrough stats and results for a productive outgrow. 

AI helps in analyzing and estimating the data 

This contemporary technology has completely transformed the functionalities of growing, sowing, and cultivation. It helps the farmers in analyzing the quality of seeds and predicts the weather conditions in a real-time scenario. Along with that, it contributes to presenting the estimates of bountiful yield and makes proper utilization of the resources. It can determine the quality of soil and helps in planning for the next yield by counting the data points. Thus, it has renovated the way how earlier agriculture was perceived. 

AI supports in improving the precision of farm points 

AI is used to determine the accuracy level of seasonal forecasting models. It possesses the capability to precisely predict the climatic pressure in the coming months and plan for the sowing period. The information obtained through AI holds a significant position for farmers in growing and nurturing abundant harvests. In addition to that, AI has been taken to the space to analyze the overall condition of crops and inspect the problem in real-time. Thus, AI solutions allow detection of an early-stage problem in crops supported by Deep Learning and Computer vision. 

AI manages with the loss of labour 

Very few countable people were penetrating into the agrarian sector in the traditional era. This results in a shortage of labor force. So, to tackle the loss of labour, AI Agricultural ChatBots have replaced the human factor. These bots work productively and efficiently than humans can and generate lump sum yield speedily by ensuring the quality standards. Beyond that, it minimizes the cost of labour and reduces the possibilities of weeds. They will suggest and consult the farmers for resolving agro problems. It is inclusive of cognitive advancement that folds the turns and gets the best from acres to feed the economy of 10 bn people. 

AI brings automation in harvesting 

Behind the automation of harvesting, a supervisor traces the movement and tilting growth of crops. It can spray herbicides on the entire field with a speedy process and harvest crops at significant rates. It will maintain the production of crops and enable the labours to focus on other tasks. For instance, the Harvest CROO Robotics Strawberry robot is designed to harvest and pack the strawberries without the involvement of any human factor. 

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