Artificial Intelligence

Cubet drives the next generation of Artificial Intelligence enabled solutions that are not siloed in systems or dependent on research dashboards. We develop solutions where insights appear instantly, making it easier to see a change and take action. We invent solutions that:

  • Learn, predict and analyse things that bring in commercial value
  • Inform customers
  • Optimize systems
  • Pivot new business models

Case study

AI in fitness

AI and Learning: 80% of visitor tracking through automation

A sports and fitness chain was spending a lot of time in onboarding new users manually, thus not addressing the important issues timely which resulted in frustrated customers. Automating their IT operations and by introducing a face detection and biometric mechanism, the system was now able to assign logins to users timely. The AI system built upon the existing logic was able to learn onboarding and recognize face. This enabled users to be greeted on...

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AI in advertisement

AI and monitoring: Assisting an entertainment house spot trend

In order to understand the preferences of viewers watching movies at a movie theatre, we developed an AI based predictive model for a leading company in the advertisement sector. The AI solution enables reading emotions of viewers using cameras and then comparing it against different sections of Ad’s to predict what they liked and disliked based on their age, group, gender etc. This serves as the input for our customer to make effective advertisements.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

With an impeccable record of developing systems that use data within sensors and devices, Cubet connects the physical with digital. Our solutions revolve around the IoT ecosystem, making the standalone products smart and capable of doing more than expected. We build solutions harnessing the power of advanced analytics and machine learning. These enable organizations to become more efficient and competitive.

Case study

IoT in agriculture

IoT and Analytics: Precision farming solution for an Agrochemical company

Cubet developed an IoT based precision farming solution for a leading Agro-chemical company in Australia. Equipment to measure humidity, temperature, seed growth and measure the effectiveness of agro chemicals were integrated with IoT platform. The solution enabled the customer to gather meaningful insights and helped them offer prescription services to farmers for sowing, watering and applying chemical sprays. Through our IoT solution, the farmers could now increase crop production, improve the nutritional value of the...

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Insurance case study

IoT and decision-making: Transforming property insurance

The company wanted policy holders claiming insurance to be analysed before approving and settling claims. This would save millions of dollars annually which is spent in claims every year. Cubet integrated sensor data from smoke alarms, leak detectors, door sensors into an IoT platform developed to send notifications to both policyholders and insurer real-time. The platform would also use data analytics to contact policy holders and support underwriting decisions and access risk.

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Machine Learning

We work with customers for whom data plays a pivotal role. Lots of data is usually scattered across the organization and originates as output from processes. Our machine learning team understands how to devise algorithms that can solve a specific ML problem. We are well-experienced in managing datasets, cleansing them, slicing and dicing them to find the patterns and co-relations and even crunch data to derive useful insights and patterns. We apply our knowledge and experience to solve complex issues with intelligent ML models.

Case study

Automobile modelling

Machine Learning and analysis: Modelling automobile business

Our customer is an automobile designing house that designs premium car's and gives it an entirely new outlook. Cubet designed an ML model that could address the recurring pattern of designs by developing a flexible neural network framework, which could access different areas of a car design and paint them with unique color combinations. The advanced model utilizes AI and ML to predict areas dark and bright, generating a perfect design that finally improves efficiency.

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ML and deep learning - advertising

ML and deep learning: Establishing Meaningful Conversations

Retaining customers who were about to discontinue the service and attracting the new customers who did not find value addition from the existing solution, was the key challenge for our customer; a marketing agency based in the UK. We created a solution that could analyze thousands of email writeup's, which are potential for a marketing campaign giving it an understanding of how content is formulated. An ML-based model was then created, that could use AI...

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