Artificial Intelligence

Cubet drives the next generation of Artificial Intelligence enabled solutions that are not siloed in systems or dependent on research dashboards. We develop solutions where insights appear instantly, making it easier to see a change and take action. We invent solutions that:

  • Learn, predict and analyse things that bring in commercial value
  • Inform customers
  • Optimize systems
  • Pivot new business models

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Internet of Things (IoT)

With an impeccable record of developing systems that use data within sensors and devices, Cubet connects the physical with digital. Our solutions revolve around the IoT ecosystem, making the standalone products smart and capable of doing more than expected. We build solutions harnessing the power of advanced analytics and machine learning. These enable organizations to become more efficient and competitive.

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Machine Learning

We work with customers for whom data plays a pivotal role. Lots of data is usually scattered across the organization and originates as output from processes. Our machine learning team understands how to devise algorithms that can solve a specific ML problem. We are well-experienced in managing datasets, cleansing them, slicing and dicing them to find the patterns and co-relations and even crunch data to derive useful insights and patterns. We apply our knowledge and experience to solve complex issues with intelligent ML models.

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