Combining NodeJS and NoSQL- Why MongoDB is the best choice?

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Combining NodeJS and NoSQL- Why MongoDB is the best choice?

Combining NodeJS and NoSQL- Why MongoDB is the best choice?

Node.js is popularly being used in web application development because it lets the application run while it is fetching data from the backend server. It is asynchronous, event-driven and helps to build scalable web applications. Even though Node.js works well with MySQL database, the perfect combination is a NoSQL like MongoDB wherein the schema need not be well-structured. MongoDB represents the data as a collection of documents rather than tables related by foreign keys. This makes it possible for the varied types of data dealt over the internet to be stored decently and accessed in the web applications using Node.js. Another option is using CouchDB that also stores the data as JSON/BSON environment.

Why use Node.js for Web Applications?

Node.js is a Javascript-based environment that is easily understood by most of the browsers. Here, the Javascript is Server-Side instead of serving client-side. Node.js is definitely fast and it allows to explore a dynamic range of data at real-time. It allows code sharing. Node.js acts as a proxy server and allows seamless real-time data streaming. The most important reason for the rising popularity of Node.js is that the programmer can code the server-side as well as client-side using it. Node.js is an interpreted, familiar and flexible language.

Why do you need NoSQL with Node.js?

Document-based data storage is the main aim of using a non-structured database like NoSQL. MongoDB is a distributed database which allows ad-hoc queries, real-time integration, and indexing efficient. Moreover, MongoDB is open-source and perfect for frequently changing data. It also offers server-side data validation.

MongoDB or CouchDB?

MongoDB allows geospatial queries and is text-search enabled. CouchDB goes another level and allows document versioning. It addresses conflict detection and offers a reliable database that allows MapReduce views. CouchDB is preferred where data updates are not as frequent and document versioning is very important.

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