Empowering Intelligent Enterprise - Pave the way to the future

Empowering Intelligent Enterprise - Pave the way to the future

The unsung engine of a growing company is intelligence which paves the way to its development and making it stay ahead of the competition. A few years back when the concept of ‘automating the workforce’ was introduced, it created fear among the employees. Not surprisingly, it is evident that many firms are reluctant to adopt ML and AI due to the fear it further complicates the working patterns. It is time to break the myopic views of these companies. Cubet with its experience empowers companies to break the ceiling by giving proper guidance to improve operational efficiency. This could be achieved across different enterprises including manufacturing where AI-enabled predictive and preventive maintenance helps to proactively identify defaults in the system and fix it, thus enabling the companies to reduce their downtime and further contributing to the operational efficiency directly.

“Fly to the future on the wings of AI and ML” is the new mantra for the business.

Our approach to making an enterprise intelligent is to:

  • Identify sources of data, collect and access the data( structured or unstructured) and tag them for identification.
  • Identify how the accumulated data can correlate with your business goals and challenges and organize the data based on importance to the business.
  • Include data scientists and create patterns and behavior out of the data which could end up as a prototype and could demonstrate something tangible.
  • Integrating the prototypes with existing processes one-by-one and deriving insights to the organization.
  • Analyze the impact in the long run and implement various components driving including Bots, Natural Language Processing, Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, Predictive Analytics, etc.

The impact of AI is palpable in the fortune 500 companies and now many small and midsize companies are following their path and getting actionable insights from vast volumes of unstructured and structured data. This has catalyzed efficient decision-making in a timely manner and paves the way for the organization to unlock untapped market potential. To quote this with an instance, CUBET partnered with a retail chain to analyze the voluminous amount of customer reviews and feedback using NLP(Natural Language Processing) and deep learning techniques to figure out the drawbacks of the products and reactively respond to customer queries and retain them. Thus understanding data and using it to the best of a companies interests could boost business than expected.

Business transformation

Business transformation with Artificial Intelligence and Automation contributes to an increase in productivity and efficiency. At the same time, these technological changes transform the nature of work and the workplace itself. By extending the power of information technologies with the help cognitive Technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, Emotional Intelligence, and Robotics Process Automation, prevailing trade-offs between speed, cost, and quality could be reduced. By adopting technologies like Hadoop, IBM Watson, MATLAB, it is possible to unify the structured and unstructured data to a single dashboard and deliver meaningful customer experience.

Adopting technologies and products

Cognitive Computing Products can provide accurate fact-based investment recommendations, manage and access up-to-date health and benefits information, help veterinarians diagnose and treat illness in their patients, Help coaches’ personal trainers and fantasy football enthusiasts, finding actionable information in document management systems and many more.

One of our customers which is a sports and fitness chain was spending a lot of time onboarding new users manually, thus not addressing the important issues on time. This resulted in frustrated customers.  Automating their IT operations and by introducing a face-detection and biometric mechanism, the system was now able to assign logins to users automatically thus avoiding the monotonous work. The AI system built upon the existing logic was able to learn onboarding and recognize faces. This enabled users to be greeted on entry and enable their facilities accordingly.

Intelligent thinking:

Organizations that focus on automating the repetitive tasks become efficient and at the same time, the ones who rely on insights are able to see a change and take action proactively. Systems that can: Learn, predict and analyze things that bring in commercial value, Inform customers, Optimize systems and pivot new business models are the ones to prosper.

One of the leading media agencies wanted to adopt a change in technology and wanted to study the preferences of viewers watching movies at a cinema to implement effective advertisements. We developed an AI-based predictive model for them that enables reading emotions of viewers using cameras and then comparing it against different sections of advertisements. This is used to predict what they liked and disliked based on their age, group, gender, etc. Our customer used this information to make effective advertisements.

Similar instances applied across the organization in business processes could result in processes becoming efficient and reliable. This contributes to organization growth and paves the way to an intelligent organization. The future of companies commensurate with the successful implementation of intelligent technologies. The firms that cross this Rubicon will only win the battle in the highly competitive business landscape.

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