Upgrading Athletic Performance and Media Coverage Through Video Analytics in Sports

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  • 3 months ago
Upgrading Athletic Performance and Media Coverage Through Video Analytics in Sports
Upgrading Athletic Performance and Media Coverage Through Video Analytics in Sports


Cubet worked with a renowned sports facility in Europe to revolutionize the athletic experience using cutting-edge Video Analytics technology. This initiative aimed to elevate athlete-coach interaction by providing detailed game data analysis and showcasing player achievements through a dynamic digital profile system. 


The Client:

A pioneering sports facility aimed to redefine traditional sports approaches by integrating advanced video technology. Their goal was not only to capture every critical game moment but also to acknowledge player accomplishments in real-time, enhancing both player and spectator experiences. Equipped with high-definition cameras, the client's pitch laid a solid foundation for the project.


The Industry:

Sports technology solutions.



The initiative encountered several challenges:

  • Developing a sophisticated video analytics system for comprehensive, real-time gameplay analysis. 
  • Establishing a mechanism for automatic posting and tagging of player achievements.
  • Ensuring seamless player access to their video highlights and accomplishments.
  • Guaranteeing the system's adaptability across different sports and scalability for future enhancements.


Collaboration in Action:

The solution included:

  • Automated Video Capture: The client's pitch, already equipped with high-definition cameras, ensured complete game coverage, capturing every pivotal play.
  • Real-Time Video Analytics: Using AI and machine learning, the system autonomously analyzed footage to identify and highlight significant plays, tagging them as achievements on player profiles.
  • Achievement Recognition: Automatically recognizing and recording player achievements enriched profiles with a comprehensive performance record.
  • Accessible User Interface: A specially designed app interface allowed athletes to easily access their highlights and achievements.


Value Delivered:

Introducing video analytics and achievement tagging technology provided significant advantages to the sports facility, including:

  • Enhanced Player Experience: Recognizing athletes' efforts motivated continuous improvement.
  • Effortless Moment Capture: The automated system eliminated the need for manual recording, ensuring critical plays were systematically captured and analyzed.
  • Increased Player Engagement: This innovation led to heightened player interaction, with athletes eager to review and share their performances.
  • Strategic Coaching Insights: Coaches benefited from detailed performance data, facilitating the formulation of personalized training strategies.


Technologies Deployed:

The project leveraged sophisticated technology, such as:

  • AI and Machine Learning algorithms for precise video analysis.
  • Existing high-definition camera setup for comprehensive game capture.
  • React for user interface development.
  • Python powering backend functionalities.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure ensures secure data management.


Client Quotes/Testimonials:

The deployment of Cubet's Video Analytics and Achievement Tagging feature has profoundly improved how we engage with athletes and their performances. This innovation has introduced a new dimension to our facility, significantly enhancing both training and competitive atmospheres. Cubet’s dedication to delivering sophisticated solutions and expertise has been vital to the project's success.


Further Exploration:

For an in-depth look at how this Video Analytics feature integrates with our broader sports application ecosystem, including booking and community engagement functionalities, check out the case study on the solution : Advancing Gameplay with Simplified Reservations and Collective Cost Sharing

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