Advancing Gameplay with Simplified Reservations and Collective Cost Sharing

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  • 2 months ago
Advancing Gameplay with Simplified Reservations and Collective Cost Sharing
Advancing Gameplay with Simplified Reservations and Collective Cost Sharing


A UK-based football startup collaborated with Cubet to turn their turf booking concept into a reality. The primary challenge was developing an app from scratch and aligning technical complexities with a new client to app development. Cubet focused on clear communication to address this, ensuring the client received regular, detailed insights. This approach improved the client's understanding and made the project more effective, resulting in an intuitive platform with easy navigation.


The Client

Our client, a funded startup in the UK, aspired to redefine the playing experience for football enthusiasts.  Their vision was to simplify turf booking, enable players to reserve pitches, set preferred dates, and connect with local enthusiasts for games and competitions. The client's aspiration extended beyond mere booking functionality, seeking to create a platform that nurtures a strong community of football enthusiasts.


The Industry

Sports technology solutions.


The Challenge

Building an app from scratch for a non-technical client posed several challenges:

  • Decoding the client's vision for app features.
  • Engaging in technical discussions with the client, articulating limitations, and managing expectations.
  • Implementing an effective location-based search system to allow users to find nearby 5-a-side, 7-a-side pitches or explore locations further away.
  • Ensuring in-app countdowns and notifications work in real-time to keep players’ updated on pitch bookings.
  • Sustaining ongoing communication and persuasion throughout the development process, tackling challenges that surfaced consistently.
  • Ensuring the security and privacy of user data, especially sensitive information like players’ email addresses and phone numbers.


Collaboration in Action 

Facing the initial request for native iOS and Android apps, Cubet proposed a shift towards a Progressive Web App (PWA) for cost-effectiveness and cross-platform compatibility. Clear and persuasive communication played a significant role in this strategic shift. 

  • Integrated innovative features enhancing the user experience, including:
  1. Creating teams and leaderboards.
  2. Booking slots and managing player profiles.
  3. Adding advanced functionalities like video analytics and achievements.
  4. A rewards system to engage users.
  5. Payments are automatically debited from users' accounts upon booking.
  6. The lead booker can easily split payments among players.
  • Advanced Video Analytics: The app incorporates video analytics, posting and tagging achievements to each player, adding them to their profiles for easy assessment. The main benefit of this feature is that when selecting a local pitches ground, you won't miss capturing any memorable moments in video or face the hassle of recording videos. The turfs provided by this client have all the necessary setups to capture every goal made by the players. Embedded cameras within the turf record highlights of the game, ensuring that no goal or noteworthy moment goes unnoticed. This feature not only enhances the gaming experience but also facilitates a dynamic way of sharing and reliving the best parts of the match. For a detailed insight into how we implemented and leveraged Video Analytics in this project, read the case study: Upgrading Athletic Performance and Media Coverage Through Video Analytics in Sports.
  • Agile Approach and Communication: Regular meetings to discuss project updates ensured the client remained informed about the app's development process.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Utilization of web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WebAssembly enabled the app to operate seamlessly across different devices.
  • Enhanced User Features: Introduction of team setups, leaderboards, booking slots, and customizable player profiles to engage users.
  • Engagement and Analytics: Integration of video analytics, a system for achievements, and a points-based reward mechanism to incentivize user participation.
  • Detailed Venue Photos and Information: The app includes detailed photos and information about venues in the booking section, allowing users to visually explore and assess pitches before booking.
  • Social Media Score Sharing: Integrated a feature for users to share their game scores on social media, enhancing engagement and community interaction.
  • Robust Review System: Implemented a review system for players to provide feedback, essential for the app's ongoing development and alignment with user needs.
  • Event and Feature Updates: Keeps the community informed about upcoming events and new functionalities, maintaining an engaged and active user base.


Value Delivered

The strategic decision to shift towards a Progressive Web App (PWA) not only resulted in 20% cost savings but also paved the way for a host of features in the app.

  • Booking made easy: Users can find venues, see details, and book pitches with no hassle. The app makes it simple for both one-time sessions and regular bookings.
  • Connecting with friends: Invite friends to join the game through the app, enabling easy fee splitting between participants. The in-app countdowns and notifications keep users informed, ensuring a smooth and organized gaming experience.
  • Hassle-free check-in: Upon arrival at the pitch, displaying the booking on the app is all users need for a hassle-free check-in. This enhances the overall convenience of the gaming session.
  • Social media integration: The app allows users to share their gaming experiences with friends on various social media platforms. It cultivates a vibrant community and showcases the excitement of the games.
  • Real-time alerts and notifications: The players and the venue admins receive real-time updates for all the significant actions taken within the platform. Additionally, the app features notifications to both players and venue admins about all the important actions taking place within the platform, ensuring everyone involved is promptly informed and can respond accordingly.
  • User feedback and reviews: Encouraging users to leave reviews on the app provides valuable insights into their gaming and venue experiences, fostering a continuous feedback loop for improvement.
  • Auto payments: The lead booker can split the payment of the venue among the players they wish to pay for the game. This feature includes automatic payment debit and the ability for the lead booker to distribute the payment among selected players, enhancing convenience and flexibility in managing the payments.


Technologies Deployed

  • Reactjs (Frontend)
  • Python (Backend)
  • MySQL (Database)


Client Quotes/Testimonials

We had a wonderful experience throughout this project. Working with Cubet has been a game-changer for our business. Their team's expertise and innovative solutions exceeded our expectations, and the final product met and surpassed our needs. The entire process was smooth and collaborative.

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