Improving Decision making in Sports

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Improving Decision making in Sports
Improving Decision making in Sports


The client was a startup seed funded by Mark Cuban. The platform is an all-in-one solution for coaches to prepare faster and connect with today’s athletes. The platform offers specialised sports intelligence solutions that help team management and coaches make more informed decisions in games such as lacrosse, basketball, and football. 


Sports Technology Solutions


The client's intelligent sports management platform offers teaching, scouting, and playbook tools for coaching aspirants in lacrosse, basketball, and football. However, the platform lacked state-of-the-art digital features and a streamlined coaching workflow, which limited player engagement.


The platform offers a variety of features to make coaching a seamless experience. These include dashboards for visualising team performance, quizzes for players to take, a system for coordinating with recruits, automated scouting systems, and advanced analytics with insightful reports.


The client platform suffered from a number of drawbacks, which Cubet needed to address. The major challenges included

  • Absence of a platform with simplified coaching workflows that were compromising player engagement
  • Non-availability of dashboards on the platform that can be tailored to meet the needs of coaches
  • Advanced analytics options were  not present on the platform, which prevented the harnessing of big data for making forecasts.
  • The lack  of an automated scouting system made efficient talent management a problem.
  • Creating a comprehensive sports management system with end-to-end support service
  • The dashboard for coaches lacked scope for customization.
  • Offering better technology-driven support for making strategic decisions for team management


Cubet facilitated brainstorming sessions with the client's team to understand their needs for changes and upgrades. Our discerning team implemented the following solutions based on the strategic discussions.

An integrative platform was developed to host all key tools and features for the offered sports programmes under one roof.

  • An intuitive and interactive team system dashboard was designed for empowering coaches to craft and monitor effective strategies for managing respective teams, track the progress of players, and stay connected with coaching teammates
  • An immersive quiz system was developed for players to help them learn interactively about game plans and playbooks.
  • An Automated Scouting System was implemented to ensure a fair and adequate appraisal of each player.
  • An Advanced Analytics module was provided to provide coaches with actionable insights into the performance of their team players and make decisions underpinned by strategic data.
  • A ‘Recruit Coordinator System’ was embedded in the platform to help coaches easily recruit able players for their teams.


Technological Interventions

Cubet’s team leveraged the following technologies to bring about the transformation.

  • The core logic of the application was developed using Meteor.
  • Machine learning algorithms used for creating bespoke modules for player and coaching quality assessment.
  • Data Visualization tools to present insights in a cohesive, easy-to-interpret, and actionable manner
  • Cloud-based infrastructural system for storing data seamlessly and offering ease of access
  • Automated scouting system for facilitating quick recruitment of players
  • A tailored dashboard for coaches to help them monitor performance and keep control of the team.


  • The prime features of the new system developed by Cubet consist of:


  • Team System Dashboard

Coaches can view stats in a tailored manner from different perspectives on the dashboard, which helps them streamline team workflows and effectively articulate their views to respective players.

  • Automated Scouting System

Coaches can go about scouting rivals to get deeper insights into their strengths and shortcomings so as to gain a competitive edge

  • Player Quiz System

Coaches can ascertain the extent to which their players had made sense of strategies shared and consolidated their understanding of gameplay

  • Recruit Coordinator System

Coaches can recruit potential talents easily and can track their performance or progress efficiently

  • Advanced Analytics

Coaches can secure actionable and invaluable insights into the performance of their teams with comprehensive and easy-to-visualize reports which also help them make decisions that are underpinned by factually correct data

Outcomes and Impact

The new and revamped sports management platform became an instant hit with coaches and players worldwide. 

The impact of the transformed system can be tangibly projected by marvelling at the high number of coaches who are resorting to it to engage players better and manage team workflows seamlessly. The system offers a comprehensive yet synergic end-to-end sports management system that empowers coaches to craft better team strategies, automate the scouting process, customise visualisation dashboards, and track progress with insightful reports generated by advanced analytics. 

A higher number of coaches are advocating for the platform because it offers:

  • Decision-making ability based on the technological harnessing of data
  • Optimum predictability support through big data analysis
  • Yardsticks to gauge players’ comprehension with an immersive quiz system
  • Interactive team system dashboard to teach players and communicate effectively
  • A rewarding system that better engages players and motivates them to participate in team events
  • Ability to manage time gainfully for coaches and better track the performance of teams

Coaches who use this platform vouch for the efficacy of advanced system as they have succeeded in accomplishing improved results in field. 


Technology Included

  • Meteor
  • Java
  • React
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