Automating and Streamlining Data Ingestion with SmartSheets and Azure

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  • 5 months ago
Automating and Streamlining Data Ingestion with SmartSheets and Azure
Automating and Streamlining Data Ingestion with SmartSheets and Azure


In a strategic move aimed at managing workflow automation for an enterprise, a comprehensive solution was devised to automate the integration of data sourced from SmartSheets into an Azure SQL database. This initiative was driven by the goal to boost data transfer efficiency, streamline management tasks, and enhance overall accessibility of data for users.


The Client

A premier provider of Telecommunications Networks in the UK, specializing in monitoring and managing large-scale fiber networks. Operating from both UK and US locations, they are delivering unparalleled standards of network service to their customers. Having  a focus on innovation and reliability, they strive to drive connectivity forward in today's digital landscape.



Telecommunications and Networking 


The Challenge

The client faced several significant hurdles:

  • Manual Data Transfer: Previously relying on manual processes for exporting data from SmartSheets and importing it into the Azure SQL database, which was both time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Data Volume Management: The need for a robust system that could handle large datasets and meet high processing demands efficiently.
  • Version Control and History: Ensuring the integrity of data through meticulous tracking of changes and maintaining a comprehensive history for analysis.


Collaboration in Action

The solution involved a multifaceted approach leveraging the latest in software development and cloud database technologies:

  • .NET Core 6 Application: Development of a command-line tool utilizing .NET Core 6, chosen for its flexibility and ease of use.
  • SmartSheets API Integration: Automation of data transfer and metadata acquisition directly from SmartSheets using its API.
  • Automated Data Processes: Implementation of automatic table creation and data extraction in the Azure SQL Database upon detection of new sheets in SmartSheets.
  • Scheduled Data Synchronization: Introduction of regular data load schedules to ensure data consistency and up-to-dateness.
  • Version Control and History Management: Establishment of mechanisms for tracking and storing different data versions to support analysis and rollback operations.


Value Delivered

The project delivered substantial benefits, including:

  • Streamlined Data Integration: Elimination of manual data transfers, leading to significant time and resource savings.
  • Enhanced Data Quality: Reduction in errors through automated processes, ensuring data consistency.
  • Improved Data Accessibility: Immediate access for users to the most current data via the centralized database.
  • Scalability and Performance: Effective management of large data volumes with improved processing capabilities.
  • Version Control and Auditability: Enhanced analysis and troubleshooting support through detailed version tracking and history.


Technologies Deployed 

The technological backbone of this solution comprised:

  • .NET Core 6 for application development.
  • Azure SQL Database for secure and scalable data storage.
  • SmartSheets API for seamless data integration.
  • Azure DevOps for continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), ensuring streamlined development cycles.
  • Azure Configuration Management for centralized and consistent configuration across environments.


Client Quotes/Testimonials

Our collaboration with the team on this project has far improved and automated our data management capabilities. The automation of data integration from SmartSheets into our Azure SQL Database has not only saved us countless hours but has also significantly reduced the potential for human error, ensuring our data is accurate and readily available. This solution has set a new standard for efficiency and reliability within our operations.


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