A Strategic Upgrade on Advancing Order Management in SAAS

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  • 3 months ago
A Strategic Upgrade on Advancing Order Management in SAAS
A Strategic Upgrade on Advancing Order Management in SAAS


This case study explores the development and implementation of a comprehensive Sales Order Management Application aimed at transforming the sales order process for a renowned provider of SAAS-based solutions. The project's goal was to transition from traditional methods to a modern, web-based system, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and scalability for future needs.


The Client

The client, established in 2011, is a leader in document management, integration, and workflow technology. Known for delivering innovative paperless solutions across the UK, they specialize in managed document services centered around DocuWare, tailoring software solutions to each client's unique needs. Their approach is characterized by a personal touch, proactive project management, detailed project scoping, bespoke software design, and dedicated support and maintenance to ensure optimal investment returns.



Software as a Service (SAAS) and Business Process Management


The Challenge

The client faced several challenges in the existing sales order management process:

  • Manual Process Inefficiencies: Reliance on outdated methods led to slow and error-prone sales order processing.
  • Limited Tracking and Management: A lack of effective tools to track and manage sales orders and customer interactions.
  • Collaboration Hurdles: Existing systems did not support seamless collaboration among users, affecting efficiency and customer service.
  • Integration and Scalability Issues: The need for a system that could easily integrate with existing ERP/FIN systems while being flexible enough to adapt to changing business needs.


Collaboration in Action

The project unfolded through a series of meticulously planned steps:

  • Requirement Analysis: Engaging with stakeholders to understand specific needs, leading to a clear definition of system functionalities and user roles.
  • System Architecture and Design: Crafting a scalable framework using the latest technologies, accompanied by a well-organized database design for efficient data handling.
  • Development and Integration: Implementing user-friendly features such as secure authentication, dynamic dashboards, and seamless integration with existing systems for enhanced functionality.
  • Testing and Feedback: Rigorous testing phases followed by user feedback integration to refine the system, ensuring it meets all performance, security, and usability standards.
  • Deployment and User Training: Strategic system deployment across the organization, complemented by comprehensive user training to ensure smooth adoption and utilization.


Value Delivered

The deployment of the Sales Order Management Application brought about significant improvements:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automation and streamlined workflows significantly reduced manual labor and errors.
  • Greater Visibility and Control: Improved tracking and management functionalities led to better oversight of sales orders.
  • Simplified Integration: The system's compatibility with existing ERP/FIN systems facilitated a more cohesive operational framework.
  • Improved User Satisfaction: The intuitive and user-friendly interface was highly praised for its impact on the sales order management process.


Technologies Deployed

This solution incorporated:

  • ASP.NET and .NET Core: For robust application development and server-side operations.
  • MS SQL Server: Employed for its sophisticated data management capabilities.
  • Advanced Security Features: Ensuring the protection of sensitive data and user information.


Client Quotes/Testimonials

The new system has been transformative, marking a departure from traditional, cumbersome sales order processes to a streamlined, digital approach. It has not only boosted operational efficiency but also fostered a collaborative work environment, significantly enhancing accuracy and team cohesion.



The introduction of the Sales Order Management Application marks a significant milestone in how sales orders are managed and processed. By effectively addressing challenges related to manual processes, tracking inefficiencies, collaboration gaps, and integration requirements, the solution sets a new standard for operational excellence and paves the way for ongoing improvements in a constantly evolving business landscape.

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