You will start loving Laravel after reading this point to point analysis

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You will start loving Laravel after reading this point to point analysis

Laravel secures a leading position amongst other web frameworks due to its advanced features and awesome development tools. This makes the entire web application development easy and smooth.

Laravel’s clean and reusable code enables developers to simplify their development process. With flexible and rich features created in the framework, Laravel has become a perfect medium to create robust and scalable websites and mobile applications.

Let us take a walkthrough of some of Laravel’s most important facts and analysis that makes it a big buzzword of the entire PHP community in present times.

Deep Analysis On How Laravel Is The Most Preferable Framework

1. Most Popular Projects By Laravel Developers 

Being a reliable programming tool, Laravel is preferred by many award-winning companies of the country. Companies such as Clarion technologies, NMG, Unified Infotech, etc. plugin with creative solutions by using open-source development frameworks such as Laravel, Magento, and various other technologies.

Also, Cubet Tech, Spec India, 7Edge, Softura, etc. are some highly renowned companies that provide an extensive range of best-in-class bespoke Laravel development solutions. These companies possess comprehensive knowledge of Laravel ranging from implementation to app integration. Their Laravel developers are fluent in creating simplified and quality code that generates appealing and sturdy websites for different industries.

2. Most Popular Projects By Laravel Developers 

There are many remarkable projects accomplished by using Laravel. Recently, some incredible projects were completed that can be used either as a package or as a complete solution for users.

Koel – a simplified web-based personal audio streaming service that has been written in Vue on the client-side and Laravel on the server-side. Comes with great modern web technologies for web developers such as CSS grid, drag-and-drop API, audio, and much more.

Cachet – An attractive and robust open-source status page system that includes impressive features like report incidents, service component listing, status page look customization, powerful JSON API, multi-lingual features, powerful metrics, subscriber notifications via email, and two-factor authentication.

Readcast – A powerful web app that saves articles for you to listen to them back in your private podcast. Backed up by TailwindCSS for the styles.

Flarum – A congenially simple discussion platform for websites, as it is quick and easy to use. Power-packed features for a successful community and designed to be simple, uncluttered, responsive, extensible, consistent, and intuitive across all platforms.

3. The Future of Laravel In Software Technology

From among a gamut of web development frameworks, Laravel has made its own space with a good reputation in the world of the software industry. By its sheer simplicity, web developers love and get amazed with Laravel.

Besides its popular features, there are certain trends observed by experts that make Laravel the future of the web development industry.

  • Startups find it as the most suitable PHP framework as it gives a quick lift to their company. 
  • Despite Java being a secured framework, PHP takes over Java. PHP provides an open-source framework and develops flexible and responsive applications. 
  • In the tough competitive market, developers can improve their command of languages and can deliver quality services with the help of PHP
  • IoT solutions work great with PHP. Most of the development companies are aware that the Laravel framework has tremendous potential to leverage IoT integration. Hence, in the future, most domains will affluently utilize Laravel development services.

4. Market Share & Impact of Laravel PHP Framework

Several domains such as Computers, Technology, Electronics, Real Estate, Arts & Entertainment, Science & Education, Business & Customer Service, etc. use Laravel with great frequency. The interest in Laravel has jumped up since early 2019 and is seen rising at an exceptional rate. Recent data reveals around 1,224,286 websites created with Laravel technology across the world. As a result, the number is going to increase in the years to come due to the framework’s widespread popularity.

5. Community Support & Development Around Laravel

Because of Laravel’s simplicity and precision, its popularity resonates in the developer’s community. The community comprises some prominent experts who put efforts to improvise the framework by designing creative documentation that permits other members for joining the resource pool. Laravel framework is the most sought-after framework in the IT community. 

Laravel is a proven success for various startups and businesses. As a result, it provides numerous benefits in the development of business, increases conversions, and generates higher revenues.

Final Thoughts

Incorporated with some of the most advanced and incredible features, Laravel outshines among all the PHP frameworks. It encompasses great functionalities to build a sturdy web app with readable codes.

As compared to various development companies, Cubet offers a range of Laravel development services and stands out by being an official Laravel partner. Connect with us to know more about our valuable offerings to make your business more viable and profitable.

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