Why Enterprises are Using Node.js for Digital Transformation?

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Why Enterprises are Using Node.js for Digital Transformation?

Why Enterprises are Using Node.js for Digital Transformation?

Earlier, the digital transformation was a blooming trend that became successful in attracting a few of the enterprises around. From those days, digital transformation has evolved to become a survival factor for many companies. It is already transforming companies and even industries. Digital transformation is necessary due to changing customer demands, increased competition, inadequate and time-consuming IT systems.

In order to adapt to this changing need, it is important to choose a flexible and easy to manage software development process that can accelerate the pace of transformation smoothly. This is when an open source JavaScript such as Node.js comes into play. Its flexible and easily manageable features have increased its popularity among developers and businesses. Although, there a wide variety of free development platforms available, Node.js still bags its place at the top due to its unique qualities.

Advantages of Node.js

  • It speaks the same language everywhere as it uses JavaScript on both the server and client sides. This also makes the transition part much easier when a new developer joins the team!
  • It is to build APIs that support the application as well as user experience demands.
  • The Node Package Manager or NPM makes sharing easy as it contains a shared repository of over 60000 modules and dynamic tools.
  • It can be hosted anywhere and hence, deployment is simple.
  • It is lightning fast as it uses the V8 engine. This further improves productivity and reduces time-consumption rate.
  • Other advantages include:
    • Lightweight nature
    • High performance
    • Easy to modify and maintain

The big shots using Node.js for Digital Transformation

Now, it’s not just you or me who have been there. If your thoughts say these advantages only work for any medium or small business to approach transformation in a minimalistic way, I have a surprise for you. There are some big shots who have already done it using Nodej.js and got it perfectly to the point!

Pioneers in the industry such as Netflix, Google, Airbnb, Uber, PayPal, Trello, LinkedIn and many other global companies have successfully tested and embraced Node.js for business success. Node.js has been used to power the websites of these global names because of its developer and enterprise-friendly features.

Any development platform needs professional guidance and expertise to implement it. It’s always an add-on benefit if your transformation partner has already “walked the talk”. Do you want to know how we have helped many small, medium and large businesses by assisting them from ideation to execution of end-to-end solutions with a personal touch? Click here to find out more!

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