What Are You Missing in Your Web Application Project and Why Do We Recommend Laravel?

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What Are You Missing in Your Web Application Project and Why Do We Recommend Laravel?

Laravel is the most popular developer framework and often the first choice for web development. However, considering other frameworks for development, – it may get hard to choose the best technology. Most developers struggle to find the right fit for their project, which can be tedious.

If you are still struggling to decide, skim through the State of Laravel survey that gives you data-backed insights into how popular and efficient the Laravel framework is.

In 2022, more than 40% of participants published to the open-source platform Laravel. More than 50% of them used PHP for development purposes. In addition, more than 95% of businesses chose the Laravel framework, making it the first choice for developers. Beside,

●      More than 79% chose PHP 8.1 stack in 2022.

●      More than 82% of developers chose Laravel 9 as their primary development language.

●      More than 51% chose client-side rendering with API.

●      More than 61% chose Laravel for the development environment.

●      More than 49% of participants agreed that Laravel is moving in the right direction.

●       More than 72% strongly agreed that Laravel simplifies web development.

●       More than 73% enjoyed working with the Laravel framework.

And this is where a web application development company can get things done for you. They can help you leverage and scale-up your web app project using the proper framework.

If your first choice for the project is Laravel, you must know about its various development benefits. Laravel can be better than other frameworks; do know more about this in the post below.

What are you missing in your web application project?

Why use PHP when you can create web-based projects with Laravel? It is an open-source framework for web development that follows the MVC architectural pattern.

As it has many benefits, it is gaining much traction over time. The employment of the framework allows for shifting focus on the application’s business logic rather than coding. In addition, Laravel can increase the speed and allow stability in the development process.

Easing the burden of code maintenance, developers can pay heed to other functions. Moreover, it will save you time and take care of further details. There are many reasons why you must consider Laravel for your project.

Why is Laravel the best framework for your project?

1. Model View Controller

●      The model view controller or MVC pattern ensures clarity between the presentation and logic, resulting in performance improvement, reliability, and better documentation. Moreover, it allows for a great support.

●      It offers developers the convenience of building small-scale and large-scale business applications.

●      MVC architecture comes with many in-built features like – ORM, streamlined data migration, a complete authentication system, and pagination.

●      Additionally, it allows you to find the files in the logical directories if you need to work on large software projects.

●      The feature works well when the project is complex.

2. Object-oriented Libraries

●      Laravel allows structured coding that works on the principles of MVC. Moreover, it has a beautiful syntax, which is expressive and object-oriented.

●      Working with the framework – developers can get pre-installed libraries and modules.

●      They can adopt top principles of PHP language that facilitate responsive web app development.

●      Additionally, the MVC design pattern allows for code compatibility using the framework.

●      The code can be created by following the best development practice.

●      With object-oriented libraries, it becomes easier to modify and maintain the project.

3. Templating Engine

●      Blade feature allows using lightweight templates that help create class-based components.

●      The feature can be used anywhere in your PHP application.

●      Its main aim is to create amazing layouts with content seeding options.

●      Besides, programming tasks may require templating engines as a tool that helps to process the codes in source templates.

●      Also, it directs the process output to a corresponding file or stream.

●      Blade combines with the data model without adding any overhead to the app.

●      Moreover, it helps the developers to equip them with controlled structures like loops, comments, and if statements.

4. Command-line Interface

●      The Command line interface feature provides competitive access for developers to complete several programming and maintenance tasks.

●      It helps to handle the commands in plain text and provides services to install the update and make the development process more manageable.

●      For instance, Artisan is a popular command line interface and a global tool.

●      Artisan CLI in the framework helps in successful transfer. Also, it is driven by the Symfony console component.

●      The best part is; it singles out the management of the database, authentication, migration, publishing of packaged assets, and authorization.

●      Moreover, it adds records to the database through seeding, models, migrations, and new controls.

5. ORM and Database Management

●      Laravel framework uses the object-relational mapping ORM – also called Eloquent.

●      The ORM features an abstract base interface, which is convenient and time-saving. Moreover, it allows the developers to interact with database objects using expressive syntax.

●      Additionally, it allows the development team to take advantage of active record implementation, which means it will work in a natural way of customizing and building different models in Laravel.

●      In short, it is aimed at simple relational mapping between complex tables.

●      With the feature – developers can modify the database schema and share it with different developers.

6. Support and Security

●      The framework supports amazing testing features, containing tests that auto-detects and prevents regressions.

●      Moreover, you can execute unit testing using the artisan command line utility feature.

●      Laravel focuses on vital security measures that safeguard your development process.

●      Its primary focus is user login, data encryption, password management, route protection, and user authentication.

●      Besides, it makes it possible to protect the code integrity and the application.

●      It prevents other users or outsiders from unauthorized access.

●      The best part of Laravel is; it comes with a built-in encryption mechanism.

7. Open Source and Perfect for an Enterprise Solution

●      As Laravel is open source, it offers complete transparency and simple collab on development.

●      Moreover, there is support from a dedicated Laravel community. It offers new modules and plugins and the elimination of ambiguities.

●      New developers can get access to tutorials designed by the Laravel community. In addition, it provides access to different sought solutions.

●      Laravel is perfect for enterprise solutions, offering a vibrant ecosystem that helps strengthen enterprise software projects.

●      Moreover, it offers expressive and elegant syntax.

●      It empowers businesses to develop dynamic projects at a faster speed.


Laravel framework is known for web applications, as it offers wonderful features like – templating engines, object-oriented libraries, streamlined unit testing, command line interface, and attention to security. You need to carefully consider the framework’s features for your web app project.

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