Top 10 tips to hire a well-versed Node.js development company

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Top 10 tips to hire a well-versed Node.js development company

Hiring a Node.JS development company can be quite a challenging task. The company needs to fit into the community and have the right skills. It’s also essential to check for experiences in web development. 

The procurement department has to apply to the right approach to finding a well-versed Node.JS development company.

10 Tips to hire a well-versed Node.JS development company:

1. Understanding of runtime environment

Node.JS is not a part of JavaScript but its indeed one of the introductory elements of its main paradigm that is usage-based. Unlike other languages, Node.JS has its own functions and platform. 

The Node.JS development company you are hiring must understand the functionality of Node.JS. If the company is a specialist in Node.JS development, then it would know about the pros and cons of run time environment. 

The company would have an idea about solving issues or fixing other errors. A proper understanding of the runtime environment does play an important role here. 

2. Knowledge of JavaScript

This is the most important requisite for hiring a Node.JS development company. If the company lacks proper Node.JS knowledge, it’ll affect the programming. Normally, JavaScript on the server is similar to the browser. 

It is indeed a major benefit since most of the Node.JS developers work in a similar kind of framework or environment. Node.JS Development Company needs to be familiar with the small nuances of the language. 

The company should also be familiar with the whole model of Node.JS development. The development company should understand JS ubiquitous parts that are majorly used on different platforms. 

3. Understanding of front end technologies

There are three main pillars of front end development namely CSS, HTML, and JS. A front-end development company prioritizes the user experience and brings the concept to life with HTML and JavaScript. 

The development company creates necessary tools that enhance the interaction with the browser or the website. It also helps to maintain the software workflow management. It tests the website for usability and bugs. 

Node.js development company should have complete knowledge of JavaScript development. At the same time knowledge of HTML and CSS is also a prerequisite to look for while hiring a Node JS web development company

4. Parallel Programming

Node.JS is not an easy language to work on, rather it’s a complicated programming model. Node.JS development company needs to understand the concept of delegates that invokes once the said routine fails to execute. 

A parallel programming model or input/output mode allows the reduction of the waiting time for the requests made. With this, several functions can be well-executed concurrently for a more productive and efficient work of Node.JS developers.

If there is no understanding of the workarounds, there’ll be no actions to be performed. If the Node.JS company lacks this knowledge, it is a barrier to write the competent code. 

5. Knowledge of Node JS framework

Frameworks are designed to expand the functionality of the run time environment. Before you choose a Node.JS development company, enquire about the framework skills and expertise of the company. 

If the company knows Tota.JS or Koa.JS, then it is quite efficient in handling the framework. Most Node JS web development companies also have experience in MVC frameworks such as StrongLoop or Rails. 

Be sure to know about the level of experience when you hire a development company. Node.JS framework skills are improved through the server-side and client-side framework. So, a company dealing with an ecosystem of frameworks can give you the best results. 

6. Creating database schemas that support process

A Node.JS development company should know how to manage different databases. Node.JS app cannot be built if this vital skill is not known. Apart from creating different database schemes that support business processes, the development company needs to integrate multiple data sources into a single seamless system. 

This skill is imperative for creating different applications that serve the business workflows of any company. Creating different database schemas is an added advantage for sure. 

7. Data protection feature 

With digital transformation, security has become one of the relevant issues. If your data is not protected or secured, then there can be a hack attack. Versatile data is often compromised because of a lack of security. 

Implementation of a data protection system will ensure that your data is safe. This is also important when building apps or web software. 

The Node.JS development company should protect your data is such a way there is no breach of data. The company should be well versed with the data protection feature as that will ensure total security in the process of web development. 

8. Good expertise in RESTful API’s

The development company you choose must have the proper knowledge to interpret the existing API codes and adapt its usage in the project. This skill helps in the handling process of multiple projects and systems. 

The Node.JS development company you choose must have the right skills to create custom application programs that are based on the representational state transfer technology. So, good expertise in API’s is important for Node.JS development process. 

9. Authorization and verification of users

Web app security is implemented properly with verification and authorization of the users. It is relevant for projects having multiple servers, environments, and multiple systems. 

A qualitative Node.JS development company should pay attention to overall security features and also understand the basic principles of security in web development. 

10. Proper handling of errors and experience

Handling errors is an integral part of web development. For a web development company, it is important to know when to retry, log, continue, or crash. You need to know if the development company is well versed in the syntax application and troubleshooting process. 

Experience also matters so the company should have great practical skills as compared to working experience. Three to four years of experience in Node.JS is great if you need to choose based on experience.

To Conclude, 

Node.JS is slowly becoming a go-to technology for most development companies and front-end developers. The technology helps to build many fully functional applications, games, collaboration tools, and customized software. Node.JS is mainly used in the creation of web applications that run in real-time. If you need to choose the best Node.JS development company, do keep the above tips in mind.

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