Ruby on Rails: For Robust & Rapid Web Development

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Ruby on Rails- Sustainable Productivy for Web Application Development

Ruby is one of the most popular and high level scripting language, Rails is built on ruby which makes it dynamic, reflective,  full-fledged and multi-level framework for building Web applications. Developers, while using Ruby on Rails codes 30 to 40 % faster when compared with other frameworks and this has been proven in several software summits.

 The RoR scripting language is also one of the versatile and easiest languages to digest. As a matter of fact, as a developer, you can easily get into the in-depth details of an RoR project without much hassle or confusions and start making useful edits right away.

Technical advantages of Ruby on Rails

Like most of the frameworks, RoR follows MVC architecture organize application programming.

By default, a model in Ruby on Rails maps to tables in database, while developers can override this convention and use different tables to model. Extension specifies as “.rb”.

By default, views uses “.erb” extension files. it will be compiled and converted to HTML on runtime.

Controller handles with external requests from web server and determine which views to be rendered and which will communicate with model and pass information to views.

Deployment of applications

Ruby on Rails runs on RubyGems, a package manager which includes all the latest updates on Ruby. The installation of RoR and respective dependencies is supported by several free Unix-like systems via its native package management system.

Ruby on Rails is typically deployed with a database server such as MySQL or PostgreSQL, and a web server such as Apache running the Phusion Passenger module.

 Business approaches

One of the main characteristics of RoR is that it automates time-consuming, repetitive tasks and this, ideally gives developers ample time to focus on other business related tasks which needs to be addressed.

Creating web application is quite complicated while we start from scratch on other web frameworks, we write everything under models, while Ruby on Rails, use ORM for model system. We don’t have to write complete models to functioning.

Ruby on Rails is very fast and flexible framework ideal for developing very large/small scale applications. Teams can choose adaptive development and develop applications in quick time and showcase them online. So many brilliant business applications are done in Ruby on Rails as of now.

Next Step

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