Node.Js Vs Java: Which One Is The Better Choice?

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Node.Js Vs Java: Which One Is The Better Choice?

The eternal battle will go on for years after years. Which is better? Java or Node.js? Well, to be precise, it depends on the purpose you are using it for. On one side, we have Node.js that enables JavaScript to navigate in the web browser smartly with its powerful environment.

On the other side, we have the super versatile programming language Java, which is adored globally for its diverse applications. Between such two geniuses, how can you make one the winner and the other, the loser? It is just impossible! Intrigued? Let us go deeper.

Performance on IO model

Input / Output is abbreviated as I/O communication model where ‘I’ refers to the data entered into the computer system, and ‘O’ refers to the result shown by the system with respect to the input. I/O is of two types, blocking or non-blocking. In Blocking I/O, a thread cannot do anything until the process gets finished. On the other hand, the thread can handle other issues while the I/O is occurring. The thread, therefore, has zero waiting time for non-blocking.

Node js web development environment is asynchronous and non-blocking. However, Java is synchronous, and the framework works in a blocking communication model. Although in modern Java development kit versions, both synchronous and asynchronous processes are there.

Single-threaded / multi-threaded

Node.js is single-threaded, which indicates one thread controls everything. After serving one request, it attends the next one without waiting for the previous one to be completed. Thus, Node.js is highly scalable and perfect for those apps that need I/O a lot. The Node.js development company is capable of serving more clients with less hardware.

Java is multithreaded, which enables multiple processes to perform simultaneously. This feature helps to improve performance. This is the reason why Java is the preferred language for large project development.  


Although a new language, it is gaining popularity incredibly since the developers are gradually exploring its possibilities. Globally, the usage of node.js is increasing dramatically because it is simple, and the learning curve is novice-friendly.

Java is in the market for over 20 years, and its demand is still envious. It is a cross-platform language and hence can be used for various purposes. The companies rely on it because it is versatile, secure, and stable.


The companies using a particular technology are the best way to prove that the tool is trustworthy. There are plenty of big names using node.js that include PayPal, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Netflix, to name a few.

Java is used in diverse sectors, such as healthcare, government, insurance, education, technology, and more. The majority of the Fortune 500 companies use Java for their backend support. Java is the primary language used in cutting edge technologies, like the Internet of Things, E-commerce websites, big data, scientific research, and development.

Netflix, Amazon, Pinterest, LinkedIn are some of the globally recognized companies that use Java.   

Final Thoughts

So, Node.js helps you write programs for both clients and server with the help of Javascript whereas Java is mainly for computing applications for different organizations. Java is better if you consider security and performance but Node.js scores high when it comes to ease of use. 

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