Magento 2.x Installation through Shell

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Magento 2.x Installation through Shell

Magento 2.x is one of the powerful Ecommerce platform available today. You can download the latest Magento build from their site. Please make sure that your server supports the minimum system requirements. The minimum  requirements to install the latest Magento can be found here.

The Magento has a command line tool that can do both installation and configuration tasks. Using this tool we can:

  • Install Magento- with lots of options like creating/updating the database schema, setting the configurations etc.
  • Clearing Magento Caches.
  • Index Management, Reindexing.
  • Creation of translation packages.
  • Generating non-existent classes such as factories and interceptors for plug-ins, generating the dependency injection configuration for the object manager.
  • Deploying static view files
  • Creating CSS from LESS

Once the Magento 2 package is downloaded, we need to extract the build and save it in your localhost or your server. Once the content has been extracted, you need to change the user group to ‘www-data’ or the group represents web server. This is to simplify and secure the server security as well as to give enough power to create files (like caches/logs/media files etc.)

Once you are able to access the command line, use the following snippet to run the Magento Command line interface.

:~$ > php <path-to-magento>/bin/magento setup:install –admin-firstname=magento –admin-lastname=developer – –admin-user=AdminUser –admin-password=’ADm1nPassword’ –base-url= –backend-frontname=mymagentoadmin –db-host=localhost –db-name=magento –db-user=MySQLuser –db-password=MySQLpassword

This will create a magento instance with the following configurations:

Magento Admin: Firstname: magento Lastname: developer Email: Username: AdminUser Password: ADm1nPassword Magento URL: Magento Admin:

Database Configuration:
Host: localhost
Db name: magento
User: MySQLuser
Password: MySQLpassword

This is a minimal configuration setting, enough to create a stable magento site, it is recommended to add language and currencies while installing. You can find more options in the Magento Doc.

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