Laracon US Meet 2018

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Laracon US Meet 2018

Chicago is all set for hosting the Laravel event of the year, Laracon US 2018. And we’re excited to announce that with being an exclusive partner of Laravel in Asia, we are again the official sponsor of this grand event.

Laracon US 2018

The whole Laravel community is quite enthusiastic about the Laracon event. Over 750 people from around the globe including some renowned speakers, will be attending the most awaited event of Laravel. And Lovegin, the CEO of Cubet Techno Labs, will be the one who will be representing Cubet in Laracon US 2018.

Laracon is the largest gathering that is conducted every year for all the Laravel developer. It is also a great chance to meet & connect with the creator of Laravel, TAYLOR as well as many other Laravel experts, speakers. Here are some influential speakers who will be attending the event and sharing their thoughts and approach.

Laracon US 2018 Speakers

Wishing every attendee lots of luck, Happy learning!

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