Gear up! Laracon Online is here!

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Gear up! Laracon Online is here!

The official Laravel conference, centered around the Laravel framework, provides a number of events covering new features, service launches, upgrades, and other general software development subjects. The Laravel community is a group of people from all around the world that are passionate about building outstanding apps with the Laravel web framework.

In September 2021, the largest Laracon event of the year, “Laracon Summer,” will take place. There will be a full day of presentations featuring some of Laravel’s brightest and most followed minds, and the sessions will be streamed live for the benefit of the global audience and fans.

All of the talks and announcements will be exclusive to Laracon Summer and will be broadcast live during the events. There is already a lot of anticipation for Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel, to release fresh upgrades and announcements.

Given that last year’s Laracon event was canceled due to the Covid Pandemic, this year is expected to be filled with more powerful events that will undoubtedly bring joy to the community. 

As a community partner, we are proud to be a part of the event and we are trying to make the event a most happening one for the Laravel community and all the Laravel enthusiasts.

The featured talks

The event will feature Laravel specialists who will provide thirty-minute sessions. The specialists can teach you new techniques and details. The following are some of the event’s notable speakers:

  • Mohamed Said: Speaking on Asynchronous Laravel.
  • Dries Vints: Speaking on getting The Most Out Of Cashier Stripe & Paddle. 
  • Taylor Otwell: I Will give you insight into all the new Laravel updates. 
  • Nuno Maduro: Speaking about different types of Laravels.
  • Stephen Rees: Carter – Speaking on Think Like a Hacker.
  • Allie Nimmons: I Will give you tips on delightful documentation. 
  • Jonathan Reinink: I Will let you know about Inertia.js Forms, Modals & SSR.
  • Kristin Collins: Speaking about Manage SEO with Laravel and Nova.

The event will feature some insightful talks by:

  • Marje Holmstrom-Sabo – Inclusive language practices.
  • Alex Wulf – Level Up Your App with Composite Primary Keys.
  • Zuzana Kunckova – Learning in public. 

Partnership with Cubet:

Cubet has been a consistent contributor to the Laravel framework. Some of the services we provide include product development, code audits, and performance optimization. We are the ideal fit with experience and essential skillsets if you are planning a successful product launch.

With a variety of engagement models to select from, it’s easy to find the right fit for your project. Laravel supports both big and small ideas, and the platform we provide is unrivaled. 

Cubet has been a forerunner in the field of application execution. The apps we build are scalable and resilient, and they add value to the end product of the customer. Cubet employs an agile software development methodology that benefits its clients and they can expect a transparent outcome.

Special lined up event – Laracon Online

The Laracon online event is an excellent opportunity for new developers to network with industry leaders and learn a few new skills. On a single platform, all of the energetic Laravel enthusiasts come together. People with a love for Laravel from all backgrounds will have the opportunity to make new connections.

Cubet was given a fantastic opportunity to interact with the Laravel community. Professionals give educational lectures to the community, which makes the technology easy to understand and implement. The discussions will focus on code complexity, communication, and various design patterns.

The Highlight, 

Cubet is proud to be a part of the Laravel community and to be able to design applications with the finest precision. By the end of the year, we want to be able to provide more consumers with more resources and scalability.

The Laracon event is set to begin on September 1, 2021, so get your tickets as soon as possible. Laracon Online will provide you with the ideal opportunity to network, interact, learn, and adapt to new Laravel techniques.

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