Your software development company may not sustain Q3 2021, why we say this?

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Your software development company may not sustain Q3 2021, why we say this?

We live in a world where there are constant upgrades and new updates related to technology. But now, the world is reeling under the effect of the pandemic. 

Due to this reason, most software development companies have suffered huge losses. Every aspect of the business has been affected because of the prevailing conditions. 

Your software development company may not sustain Q3 2021 if you don’t implement some changes in your working system. If you want to know about those changes, continue reading. 

  • IT modernization under covid may continue 

Even with the arrival of vaccines in 2021, Covid will not go anytime soon. Some changes made by organizations that have been put into place by Covid may continue. 

If your software development company has tweaked norms according to Covid, then you’ll have to continue with those practices. Two technologies that will turn around will be modernization and mesh technology. 

Your company will have to adhere to both the technologies to sustain itself in the coming year. Doesn’t matter if you need to transform because that will help you to perform better. 

  • Microservices will be mainstream 

In the software architecture, there was a gradual shift towards the microservice architecture and that is expected to continue in 2021. Microservice architecture is sure to be more dominant because of the features it offers. 

One of the main reasons why this architecture will have an impact is; it perfectly integrates with the Cloud environment for faster software development. 

There will also be a trend to go to monolithic architecture in most cases. As a software development agency, you must work with technology that gives you complete results. 

If you haven’t started working in a microservice architecture, then it is about time you do it now. 

  • Programs like Rust, Swift, and TypeScript will make a breakthrough 

Most developers and software development companies still prefer languages like JavaScript and Python. In the last five years, many interesting programming languages have appeared more popular. 

In the year 2021, languages like Rust, Swift, and TypeScript will be the number one choice for new developers. 

Modern languages often focus on developer ergonomics, it enables easier and faster development process thus saving a lot of time. 

Microsoft recently announced that they are exploring Rust to make new applications. Amazon has also declared that the company will be sponsoring Rust language. So, you need to update your language code for the coming year. 

  • WebAssembly will see mass adoption

WebAssembly will see major mass adoption in the coming year. WebAssembly has enabled computer-intensive apps like games and AutoCAD. The main goal of WebAssembly is to run outside the browser. 

WebAssembly can be easily used in different outside the browser scenarios like developing hybrid native applications on mobile devices. 

Serverless computing with no Cloud Start problem and server-side computation of the Untrusted code. 2021 could be a breakthrough year for WebAssembly, so you need to work on this updated technology.

In Short, 

Modern-day software programs can be complex and diversified. But, you need to adapt to the working patterns of the software. 

2020 has been a year of change and the way things and businesses work if you don’t transform now, your software development company may not sustain itself in 2021. So, focus on change and innovation to keep up with the time.

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