How to solve the 5 major Magento issues?

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  • 11 years ago

As a magento developer I came across some functionalities or issues which will keep repeating while developing the application. I have pointed out the main five points which I always keep in my mind while I start developing a magento application. They are explained below:

1. How to Create Contact Us Form in Magento?

Magento includes contact form functionality by default. A link to a contact form can usually be found in the footer of your Magento installation.

Of course, you can add a contact form on any page. All you need to do is:

Log in to the administrator area.

Go to CMS > Pages.

Select the page you want to edit or create a new page.

Paste the following code using the HTML option of the WYSIWYG editor:

<!– CONTACT FORM CODE BEGIN–> {{block type='core/template' name='contactForm' template='contacts/form.phtml'}} <!– CONTACT FORM CODE END–>

Save the changes and the contact form will appear on the desired page.

2. How to overcome the issue “Access denied”?

As a solution to the “Access denied” issue, you should log out from the Magento admin area and then log in again.

If the above does not help, you should reset the admin privileges. This can be done through the Magento admin area > System > Permissions > Roles > Administrators.

Click on the Role Resources option from the left menu and make sure that Resource Access is set to All.

Click on the Save Role button and the permissions will be reset.

3. How to overcome slow performance of Magento?

Many Magento issues are caused by slow performance. To speed up Magento’s performance is to enable its Compilation function.  Compilation option allows you to compile all files of a Magento installation in order to create a single include path to increase performance. In order to use this tool, the directory includes and the file includes/config.php must both be writeable. The performance increase is between 25%-50% on page loads. You can enable Magento Compilation from your Magento admin panel > System > Tools > Compilation ->Run Compilation Process.

4. How to configure Magento to work with a new domain?

There are two things you should do in order to configure Magento to work with a new domain:

Edit the Magento database

Go to your cPanel > phpMyAdmin.

Select your Magento database from the  left menu, find the table called core_config_data and click on it. Click the Browse tab and edit the first two fields:


by clicking the pen icon in front of each of them. Replace your old domain name with your new one and click the Go button to save the change.

Clear the Magento cache.

The Magento cache folder is located in your Magento installation directory > /var/cache. To clear the cache, simply delete the folder.

Many Magento issues can be fixed just by deleting the cache.

5. How to reset Magento Admin Password?

Incase if we forget the admin password of our application and we need to reset it. To change your Magento admin password, go to your cPanel > phpMyAdmin, select your Magento database, click the SQL tab and paste this query:

UPDATE admin_user SET password=CONCAT(MD5('sGnewpass'), ':sG') WHERE username='AdminUsername';

Note: You have to change newpass in the MD5(‘sGnewpass’) with your new password, and change *AdminUsername* to your Magento admin username.

Execute the query by clicking the Go button and your password will be changed.

Hope these tips will help you to solve the magento issues. If you are not an expert in this you can contact the magento experts of Cubet Techno labs to solve it for you.

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