How to build your apps using Salesforce AppExchange?

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How to build your apps using Salesforce AppExchange?

If you are reading this blog, you have already confirmed your decision to build your app using Salesforce AppExchange. Isn’t it so? Well, you are in the right place!

The Salesforce AppExchange is considered to be one of the top Enterprise App Stores. Along with an ecosystem of free and managed apps, it lets you build custom apps suited for your business needs, lightning fast.

So, let’s see in detail how we can convert your app idea into a robust app using the AppExchange platform.

Building Apps using Salesforce AppExchange

Step1: Join the Salesforce Partner Community

The Salesforce Partner Community connects your business with Salesforce partners and consultants. It provides a chance to participate in discussions, webinars, enjoy the benefits of a wide variety of tools and resources, learns the best practices and a lot more.

 Step 2: Strategize your AppExchange App

Plan how you want to develop your app. Choose an app type, the Salesforce edition for your app and shortlist the tools required for app development.

Step 3: Develop, package and test your AppExchange App

For application development, there are different orgs used in AppExchange. The Environment Hub app is used to create and manage orgs for development. Before getting started with your app development, learn about the security guidelines and make sure your app follows it.

 Step 4: Prepare your App for AppExchange Security Review

The cyber world is prone to attacks. The AppExchange Security Review is intended to make sure that your app meets the best practices to combat these cyber attacks. As you get started with your app development, devise a security strategy and submit it for review upon completion. Once your app meets the guidelines, it will be listed in the App store.

Step 5: Offer Free App Trials to your Prospects

Your prospects wouldn’t use your apps unless they feel it is worth the money they are spending on. Learn how to offer free app trials and attract more customers to use your app. It can also work as a primary review method to tell you what’s working and what’s not.

Step 6: Upgrade and Distribute your App

Convert this customer understanding into app upgrades and distribute it among your users. Frequently analyse your app performance and learn how you can improve it further.

Step 7: Manage App Licenses and Customer Support

Acknowledge yourself with the different licensing options. Manage how you sell your app and provide great support to your customers to retain them.

Are you ready to kick-start your app development on AppExchange? Talk to our experts today!

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