How Can AI Bring Change in the Healthcare Industry Post COVID-19?

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How Can AI Bring Change in the Healthcare Industry Post COVID-19?

To fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare companies are emphasizing the use of Artificial Intelligence technology.

AI refers to the study of intelligent machines that can think and react like humans. These new-age tech solutions, aid in study and mitigation against Coronavirus by learning, patterns recognition, and problem-solving algorithms.

AI Will Curb the Pandemic In Future

The Artificial Intelligence Solutions Experts are hopeful that AI can play a major role in predicting and minimizing the spread of the next pandemic. When an unexpected outbreak of an infectious disease such as COVID-19 occurs, it creates many challenges to medical professionals, researchers, and healthcare workers.

The government and public health authorities need to gather information associated with the disease as much as possible so that they can identify it quickly and accordingly take measures to stall the spread. The algorithms for AI solutions can help a lot in this situation.

From the news reports, data, and online content, the experts will be able to recognize the anomalies before it becomes the epidemic. The researchers applied this modern technology to detect the Coronavirus itself. With the help of AI, they find out the number of people traveling by flight so that they can predict in which area the virus is going to infect heavily. 

A report of National Geography states clearly how a disease caused by contamination can be detected in the early stage by monitoring the data of the internet and social media and thus prevents the outbreak. 

Implementing the predicting models can lead the healthcare industry to fight against the disease and reduce the spread as they can anticipate the occurrence at the initial stage.

Knowledge of AI for the Healthcare Industry

The combined effect of Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence has a great impact on predicting how and where these two will hit. The high-resolution simulations help scientists to learn more about the disease from the large data set.

Detailed and deep understanding will give strength to the community to respond rapidly and proactively.

Medical Assistance

Artificial intelligence solutions can decrease the load of doctors, and healthcare workers across the world are working tirelessly to heal the COVID-19 patients despite the risk of their own lives.

For example, Florida’s Tampa General Hospital is using Artificial Intelligence to measure the temperature of the people coming to the hospital with a trouble-free facial scan.

Besides, it is also helping to predict other health-related complications like respiratory issues, sepsis in COVID patients.

Demand for AI and Other Advanced Technologies

The role of AI, big data, data science for treating epidemics, and other health conditions is undeniable. As a consequence, there is a huge demand for skilled AI professionals, and in the last three years, it has been more than double.

The healthcare workers are getting trained on the various applications of AI to build up the required skill-sets to remain updated with the latest treatment procedures.

In the near future, AI healthcare solutions are going to be included in the mainstream for the sake of a healthier and better world.  

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