Guide to Implementing Slim View via Template Engine

September 04, 2015

Slim a Micro Framework for PHP
As we discussed about the basics of slim framework in my first blog: Slim Micro Framework Overview, we can choose slim for building REST APIs as well as Website building. Here I would like to introduce Slim View.
A Slim application view is a subclass of \Slim\View.

Here is the simplest use of the Slim view:


//Create the Slim app Object
$app = new \Slim\Slim(array(
‘debug’=> true
//Create a route for the home page
	$app->get(‘/’,function () use ($app){
        	  $app->view()->setData(array('foo' => 'bar'));

We can pass values as array like this,

//Create a route for the home page
	$app->get(‘/’,function () use ($app){
        	  $app->view()->setData(array('foo' =>$array));

Custom View

A Custom view is a subclass of \Slim\View.We can use any third party libraries like Twig ,Smarty etc…
Twig Template Engine:

1.Download Twig
2.Decompress Twig into your project folder.

Project Structure will be like this,

    • .htaccess
    • index.php
    • Slim Folder
    • tests Folder
    • Twig Folder
    • View Folder


3.Open TwigView.php file and edit $twigDirectory variable null to whatever your Twig directory called.

4.Open index.php file and add following codes,

require ‘View/TwigView.php’;
//initialize slim to use the TwigView handler
Slim::init(array(‘view’ => ‘TwigView’));


require ‘slim/slim.php’;
require ‘View/TwigView.php’;
        	//initialize slim to use the TwigView handler
        	Slim::init(array(‘view’ => ‘TwigView’));
        	//Setup route
        	$title = “My App”;
$body = “This is my first application”;
//set data to be passed to the view template.
 slim::view()->setData(array('title' =>$title,'body' =>$body));
//Run the application

home.html file


Wrapping Up

We can use either Slim-Extras or any templating engine for slim application.Twig template engine is used for the above example.You can use this component to create and render in your slim web applications.

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