If you believe your developers are the best, you are making a mistake. Learn why?

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  • 3 years ago
If you believe your developers are the best, you are making a mistake. Learn why?

Technological Advancement is showing a sharp uptick and, so it is pivotal to stay updated with the current and latest trends in the development market. 

As software engineers, architects, and developers, you need to up the ante in accepting the newer challenges, or else you will lose competitiveness. After all, this short term learning holds a long time price. Let’s uncover a few points that make up a perfect developer-

Supreme Communication Skills

Excellent communication is proportional to excellent development skills. A good programmer is the one who understands the guidelines, breaks every problem into a hypothesis, and start working on delivering proposed solutions. Generally, an offshore developer is comfortable with multi-languages and can grasp any complex concept. Can your developer communicate fluently? 

Embrace the Art of Reading 

Irrespective of the method (Digital or Physical), reading is the ultimate catalyst for the success of the developer. It provides a deep understanding of the subject-matter and exposes your learning in a diverse area. Yet, conceptual books for object-oriented design patterns, Behaviour Driven Development, and modeling leaves a lasting impact on the programmers in reshaping their vision for advanced learning. Make sure your developers are reading and keeping abreast with the latest updates. 

Continuous Training 

Does your organization support the skills and abilities of developers? Yes, it is important to conduct training programs to hone the capabilities for any breakthrough performance. This makes them diligent and confident to accept the challenges and submit the project within the expected deadlines. Research claims it holds a positive impact on the productivity of the developers.

Feedbacks From Customers 

One of the best ways to assess the performance of any developer or programmer is taking feedbacks from customers. This shows you a bigger and better picture and helps you in understanding the gap between the service asked and the service delivered. Once you get to know the variations in the project, make your developers understood to learn and avoid the same for the next project. Instead of keeping blind faith, involve and expose your developers personally to take a breathtaking step. 

Join the Online Community 

Developers can become an active member at Stack Overflow to learn and help others to learn too. Besides that, joining Katas is an ideal approach for practicing simple coding exercises and exploring the basics with experimentation. Another best way to nurture your knowledge is by participating in Hackathons. It gives sprint-like challenges to the developers and IT professionals for collaborating with a professional software company, preparing a prototype, and working on an application feature or an integration (API). 

Attending the industry Events 

Socializing with the industry-specific personalities gives you vast exposure to know what other companies are doing and how to make a valuable addition to yours. Networking also brings swapping ideas and brownie points in sharpening your vision and expanding professional connections. Generally, these events or expos are a bit pricey, and it would be a bonus if your Manager can sponsor them.

Every single exposure is a step towards exploring the creativity that ultimately brings exponential growth to your company. Cubet is one such company that masters the art of developing exceptional projects with the best of all teammates. Contact us now!

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