Building & Deploying iOS and Android App with React Native

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Building & Deploying iOS and Android App with React Native

99.6% of new smartphones run on Android and iOS, and they dominate the smartphones arena. As the demand for various interactive applications increases on these platforms, developers are fighting their battles to develop apps customised to separate platforms. The myth of boosted performance with native applications often tempts them to choose frameworks such as Objective – C, Swift or Java. Well, who has so much time in this fast-pacing world? A smart business should focus to get their mobile apps out in short time with re-usable codes that can be used for cross-platform application development and accommodate new technologies. At Cubet, we have seen the success of plenty of such mobile apps built and deployed using React Native framework with functionality as good as native apps.

React initially came out for web applications to make the User Interface (UI) better. Later came React Native focussing on Mobile UI in a similar manner. It is a mobile platform brought by Facebook around two years ago to build cross-platform apps using JavaScript (JS). It brings out a clean style for mobile User Interface using JS. The reusable code in React Native provides native functionality and once an app is built, it can be deployed on both iOS and Android.  With React Native, instant updates can be implemented easily. To add more, it is easy to apply the codes to an existing app code and enables third-party plug-in compatibility, less memory usage with smoother experience.

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Your React Native Check-List

A single re-usable JavaScript code that works on both iOS and Android. It’s as simple as that. To dig deeper, here is your check-list to build cross-platform apps using React Native;

  • The Programming Language – JavaScript or a JavaScript and HTML type syntax called JSX
  • The Tools – A text editor, chrome debugger and common building and testing tools
  • The API’s – Mostly Operating System based API’s. Some examples: ActionSheetIOS, AlertIOS etc for iOS and BackHandler, DataPickerAndroid etc for Android

Your Partner in Need

Any technology is obsolete if it is not deployed effectively. This effectiveness can be expected only from tech-savvy professionals with the right attitude and skills. You need a right technology service partner to help you to conquer the world of mobile technology with a resilient approach. Cubet Techno Labs has the solutions for your needs! To find out more, click here

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