AngularJS: Must Have Tools Pack for Developers

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AngularJS: Must Have Tools Pack  for Developers

AngularJS Must have Tools Pack for Developers
AngularJS is a JavaScript MVW framework.It is a toolset for building up most suited to your Application Development.

Angular is fully extensible and works well with so many other libraries. Every feature in AngularJS can be modified or replaced to suit your unique development workflow .

In order get  the best results  everyone  should choose the best suitable packages for their  AngularJS project. However, choosing the right package for your project can turn out to be a tricky one.

Here are the top suggestion from our Team, for building beautifully crafted AngularJS Application ..

1.Yeoman-Angular Generator

AngularJS – Yeoman generator  is used to quickly set up a project with sensible defaults and best practices. IT Sets up a new AngularJS app, and generating all the boilerplate(includes templates,controllers , states etc) you need to get started. This  app generator also optionally installs Bootstrap and additional AngularJS modules.

Yeoman-Angular Generator

2.Build Tools / Task-Runners

Build Tools or task runners are used to Automate the web developement process for us. It reduces a developer’s effort in doing repetitive tasks or works  such as minification, compilation, unit testing, etc .

The main task runners used in javascript are Grunt and Gulp .

  • Grunt :

Build Tools ,Task-Runners

The Grunt system is huge and growing day by day. It holds  hundreds of plugins to choose from, we can use Grunt to automate  anything with a minimum of effort.

You have to put all your options into a wrapper function in Grunt file.js . The Grunt file contains configurations .You pass the tasks to automate in the configuration object and load all the required  plugins and register tasks. With this, you are ready to  run “grunt” on the terminal, the watch task will be fired and starts running automatically …

  • Gulp:


The features of Gulp are easy to use ,efficient, fast,and easy to learn

The configuration are in (gulpfile.js), it then compiles , minifies and uglifies the JS with a watch task when changes occurs .

Use “Gulp watch” to run the tasks .gulp  allows user  to write  build file in pure JavaScript .

Among the two Gulp seems to  be faster and the better performer in our experience.

3.CSS : Sass


For a powerful and reusable css architecture , we use Sass ,

Sass is a preprocessor that adds variables, nested rules,functions, mixins and, selector inheritance, and more to CSS. a sass file is compile into well-formatted, standard CSS .

We can use sass with either GULP or with GRUNT

For GULP : gulp-sass plugin, is available. Its very light and simple.

For browser prefixes use : gulp-autoprefixer

For GRUNT : grunt-contrib-sass

4.Optimisation Tools



JsHint is “used to detect  so many potential problems and  typo errors in our  JavaScript code,” and it is probably the most popular code-quality tool.  


UglifyJS is used to minify, parse and compress JavaScript codes . It is ideal when it comes to getting such task done. The resulting output files sizes are reduced in size.  

  1. Testing Tools

Angular Testing Tools

Karma :

It Is used to set up  a productive testing environment for  developers. It plays an essential role in testing our web applications. It Allows us to execute JavaScript code in multiple real browsers.


Jasmine is a testing framework for JavaScript applications . It uses Behavior Driven Development strategy .




Angular UI is a collection of UI components . It is  built up  with AngularJS. Angular UI directives help us to build AngularJS applications faster.


Ng-table is an Angular  directive which allows developer  much options a customisable table . the options include searching , sorting, pagination, custom templating etc .

7.Debugging tools

AngularJS Batrang


AngularJS batrang is a browser extension for debugging Angularjs applications . We can inspect the informations about models, performance, and debugging results in Batrang extension . It can be added to chrome browser as an extension .



Ng- inspector is a browser extension . it is used to inspect the Angular applications scopes, model, and performances.

It is available  for both chrome and safari.

Let Us know Your thoughts .

The tools listed in the above list will help developers to make their application production faster, better and well organized .  We hope the same with yours too . Let us know what to add or remove from the list  .


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