AMP Performance v/s Regular Landing Page: Take a Look Over the Differences

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AMP Performance v/s Regular Landing Page: Take a Look Over the Differences

It is a known fact that faster landing pages lead to more conversions and helps to boost site visibility. However, most people aren’t aware that AMP plays the most vital role in creating attractive Google ad landing pages. 

AMP provides developers with all the possible resources they need to create a high-performing landing page. However, before using AMP for a landing page, you need to understand the difference between AMP and a landing page. Some people believe both are similar and get confused, so let’s examine the differences. Also,  as a web development company, you need to know the difference. 

What is AMP?

Google launched AMP – also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages – an open source project to ensure that the mobile web pages operate faster. It allows the developers to create projects and web pages that are faster and high performing across various devices. 

Besides, AMP was built in collab with many websites, publishers, developers, and distribution companies. As a result, more than 1 billion AMP pages have been created, and most CMS platforms support the format. AMP is also a part of backend web development. 

What is a Landing Page?

A Landing page is specifically created for marketing and ad campaigns. It is a page where a visitor lands after clicking on the link through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or other platforms. 

Unlike web pages having long-term goals, a landing page is designed with a single focus or CTA. And, focusing on the landing page is the best option for increasing the conversion rates of different campaigns. 

How Does AMP Work?

It works by stripping the pages down to the essential parts and storing them in the cached version of Google servers. 

The stored version allows the content to get delivered immediately. Features like animations and videos are removed, leaving the content part. Simply put, it provides a better user experience by – delivering content instantly. 

Benefits of AMP:

  • Maximizes Revenue

Every second your site takes to load – your conversions may fall by 10 to 12%. Plus, to engage your audience and ROI, you’ll need to pay attention to the speed. AMP allows giving a faster experience to all the devices, which helps maximize revenue. Also, it’s great for websites and post-click landing pages. 

  • Engages Audience

The median time of AMP is less than a second. When the users land on the page, they won’t have a waiting time and will get what they were looking for. As the page loads instantly, the user engagement with the page is for a longer time. Additionally, it can perform the action they want on the page.

  • Reduce Complexity

Creating AMP is a straightforward and quick process. Besides, you can convert your archive using CMS systems like – WordPress and Drupal. Moreover, you won’t need any skill set for optimizing the codes in AMP as it’s fully portable, and the pages are faster. In short, it reduces complexity in operations. 

  • Maximizes ROI

Once you create an AMP page, it can be distributed across different platforms, allowing you to serve your ads to non-AMP and AMP pages. With AMP, you can create your Ads once, deliver a memorable experience everywhere, and it can maximize your ROI.

  • Get an SEO Boost

Google considers mobile responsiveness and page speed into account. The faster your web page loads, the higher it will rank on SERP. And, AMP pages will appear 

in a carousel format above the paid ads in the search results having a green lightning bolt under the title. Once you get an SEO boost, it’ll impact your site. 

How Does the Landing Page Work?

A user clicks on the call to action and lands on the page with a form. The user may then fill out the form that converts him to a lead. After which, the information from the form is stored in the database. As a part, you may contact the lead and take the conversation forward. The landing page is the crucial constituent of the conversion process. 

Benefits of Landing Page:

  • Clear Call-to-Action

A landing page convinces the user to take action and can be in the form of contacting the user, downloading the file, or making purchases. So, landing pages define a simple call to action that helps convert leads to customers. Additionally, CTA may consist of pages, striking buttons, or headlines. 

  • Separation of Content Sections

Each section of the landing page holds relevance. Along with the page’s background, white spaces and images provide a visual content separation. Besides, it ensures that the users won’t be distracted – during their stay on the website. The single-page sites use it with the effect of anchor navigation, which provides a clear separation from the last.

  • Use of Visual Information

Along with the text, visuals and images can define the overall message. Websites use the information in the form of infographics, diagrams, or charts. Moreover, visual elements often get noticed more than other simple elements on the site. Visually appealing content helps to tell a story. 

  • Great Color Schemes

A landing page that uses different color schemes in a user-friendly way makes it simple to understand. Besides, high contrast ratios and color coding navigation are simple ways to boost the site’s user experience. An effective template or color scheme can make a big difference in reach. 

How Can You Create AMP Post-click Landing Pages?

AMP can help to create lighting and fast landing pages and save your time. First, pre-connect to the post-click landing page, as this initiates a request to a post-click landing page. 

Additionally, you can use Google cache URL. When you input the canonical destination URL, the ad server can switch to the AMP version of the URL. 

Also, AMP eliminates redirects to the ad server. Instead, it initiates the request once the user has landed on a post-click landing page.

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