Amazon Web Services (AWS): The Cloud Space for your Business Needs

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Amazon Web Services (AWS): The Cloud Space for your Business Needs

AWS The Cloud Space for Your Business Needs
Cloud computing has become popular among Industries and AWS continues to be in the top list of cloud services. Cloud computing freed the organizations from managing their own IT Infrastructure, rather it provides IT-enabled capabilities as a service to the customers. Amazon Web Services or AWS the cloud leader has been in operation since 2006 and today serves hundreds of thousands of customers in over 190 countries.

Advantages of AWS Over On-premises Solutions

  • Customers has to pay only for the resources they use
  • Organizations can add and subtract AWS resources according to the demand
  • Deploy resources within minutes in locations around the globe
  • Organizations can concentrate more on their projects leaving the infrastructure maintenance tasks
  • No advance payments, monthly payment for variable usages
  • Flexible capacity

When you build on-premises infrastructure there are lot of things needs to be considered. You need expensive hardware and it should be maintained on the regular basis. With the use of AWS, you can avoid these activities and you just need to pay for the resources you consume. AWS has multiple pricing models which allows us to optimize cost for both stable and variable workloads.
Predicting the customer requirements for the application often ends up with limited capacity or expensive resources. Using the cloud computing services you can provision the exact amount of resources you need and also if you need more, you can easily scale up. The elastic nature of cloud enables you to select the appropriate compute resources according to the demand.

The AWS Platform

AWS offers broad functionalities and services for customer business requirements.

AWS Global Infrastructure

Global Infrastructure forms the basis of the other layers and it helps customers to achieve lower latency and higher throughput. It makes sure that the customer data is placed in the specified locations.


Networking services extend enterprise Infrastructure to the cloud, the main components are: Amazon Route 53, AWS Direct connect and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.


AWS offers scalable compute services which includes Amazon EC2, Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing and Amazon Workspaces.


Amazon storage service includes Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Amazon Elastic Block Store, AWS Storage Gateway and AWS Import/Export.


AWS database service include Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon ElastiCache.


In Order to perform analytic processing AWS offers the services Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Elastic Mapreduce, and Amazon Redshift.

Application Services

The AWS application services includes Content Delivery Networking Search, Distributed Computing Libraries and SDKs, the products are Amazon CloudSearch, Amazon Simple Workflow Service, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS and Amazon SES.

Deployment and Management

Deployment and management services include the products AWS Identity and Access Management,
Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Elastic Beanstalk,AWS CloudFormation, AWS OpsWorks, AWS CloudTrail and AWS Data Pipeline.

Some AWS services and their functionalities are discussed below

Amazon Elastic Load Balancing

Amazon Elastic Load Balancing is a service which is used to balance incoming application traffic. ELB automatically distributes incoming application traffic towards multiple Amazon EC2 instances. It also detects unhealthy instances and redirect the traffic to the healthy instances until it is restored.

Auto Scaling

Auto scaling enables customers to scale Amazon EC2 capacity according to the demand. It automatically scales the EC2 capacity and drops the unneeded ones according to the predefined condition.

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is an object store where customers can store any amount of data. It follows pay as you go billing. Data can be stored with 99.999999999 durability and 99.99% availability.

Amazon web service offers a scalable and flexible platform for organizations. AWS replaces on premises solutions by providing opportunities to focus on your projects instead of the operations. The low ongoing cost and the adaptable technology platform makes AWS a right choice for the business.

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