A vital comparison: Handlebars Vs Mustache Vs Angularjs

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A vital comparison: Handlebars Vs Mustache Vs Angularjs


Mustache, Handlebars and Angularjs are popular web template systems used widely by developers across the globe.  These template systems are ideally used for developing static and dynamic web pages. There are several unique features and characteristics with regard to these web applications, continue reading these post to gain a detailed insight on a distinctive feature related to handlebars, mustache and Angularjs.


Mustache is a lightweight template language with readable syntax and comprehensive specification. Mustache is also regarded as logic-less system simple because it does not come with explicit control flow statements. The templating system is called mustache as the coding is characterized by a heavy use of curly braces which often resembles a mustache. Below listed are some pros of Mustache.

  • One of the popular choices with an active community.
  • Server side support in multiple languages.
  • Comprises easily understandable and clean syntax which are often easy to read build as well as maintain.


Handlebars are regarded as a super-set of Mustache, literally transformed, it can be used to do everything that is doable via mustache and it also comes with additional logic. Iterations in handlebars are can be also done using objects and arrays. Some pros of handlebars are mentioned below:

  • Handlebars come with compiled templates when compared to its counterparts that come with interpreted templates.
  • It consists of better path support when compared to mustache.
  • It also has better support section for global helpers than mustache.


AngularJs is regarded to be an awesome JavaScript framework that has several compelling features both for developers and designers. Some notable features/pros regarding AngularJS are mentioned below.

  • AngularJS comes with an inbuilt dependency injection subsystem that is meant for assisting the developers in the coding process by making the overall application easier to read, digest and develop.
  • You can use directives within AngularJS for creating custom HTML tags which in turn makes it possible to create new custom widgets. The directives can also be used for decorating elements and manipulate DOM attributes.

So, now you know which one is more suitable to develop your app! Let me know how useful was this article for you. Drop in a comment and I’m all ears.

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