A Comparison: AngularJS Vs EmberJS

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AngularJS Vs EmberJS Comparison

There is always an ongoing debate between which is a better framework- angular.js or ember.js.  But, to me, the focus should be on “what kind of application we are developing”, that brings us to the question “Angular or Ember, which is better? What you think?” Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Before passing a verdict and coming to an opinion, it is important to be familiar with both the frameworks.

Let’s go for an overview


AngularJS is a JavaScript framework which is an open source platform managed by Google. Its has an MVC architecture which makes both the development and testing process more efficient and easier.  AngularJs achieving its behaviour by extending the traditional HTML code for serving the dynamic content by using the ‘two-way data binding’. Angular stands as an independent framework i.e., not dependent on any javascript library.


Earlier it was called as SproutCore MVC framework. It was developed by Yehuda Katz in 2011. Ember uses Handlebars as its template engine.  Ember provides a rich object model and it has declarative data binding. Templates are automatically updated by the help of HandlebarsJS.

AngularJS and EmberJS at a glance.

DeveloperDeveloped by GoogleDeveloped by Yehuda Katz
FrameworkModel-View-ViewModelPure MVC
Frame Size~50KB~90kb
include external dependency
TemplatingDOM-based template system. It will support any 3rd party template engine. Doesn’t require any other separate template engineHandlebars based template system
Two-way data bindingTwo-way data binding via dirty checking is easier to useTwo-way data binding via helper functions is faster than dirty checking
LearningEasy to learnMore difficult to learn than AngularJS
debugclean error messagesobscure error messages

Let’s check which framework has faster growing popularity by the help of Google Trends.

Now let’s conclude the topic, Every framework has its own advantages and disadvantages. We have to check the requirement specs of the project and the adaptability of the framework on the requirement. But from my experience, it seems to be Angular which is very easy to learn even for a person who don’t have much knowledge in  MVC and who has only basic knowledge in HTML. Angular reduces the length of the code compared with Ember.

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