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Perceptics specializes in generating tailored fact-based strategic actions to boost new products, sales, analytics and culture by focusing on what binds them together.

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Business Requirement

Perceptics provided pragmatic planning, based on investigative insights, there by helping companies to achieve their business Objectives. They wanted a website with Content management System to support this cause.

Our Approach

We focussed our research on selecting a Content Management System, which was open source, fast, easy to manage and update content even for a novice, with a good templating system and with good community support. Joomla was what our team arrived at since it supported all the above requirements and had a lower turnaround time. Our expertise in Joomla has always been widely applauded by our clients.

The Challenge

Developing a site with high traffic volume with no compromise on performance was the major challenge.

The client required an ideal content management system for managing the website from the backend. Choosing a CMS and integrating it that blends in with the client specific requirements was another challenge.


After having launched the site on time for a Lead generation conference, the site received almost a million hits in the first month. With almost 20% increase in lead generation, the Perceptics business is thriving on its new platform.

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