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Earigami is a fun voice-texting app that lets you say it how you mean it by recording and enhancing audio messages to send to your friends in just 3 easy steps.

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    Social Media

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    Mobile App development, UI/UX Services

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    Mobile Application

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Business Requirement

The client wanted a voice chat application that lets users send quick and easy voice recordings via real time chat. Users should also be able to add funny effects and interleave background sounds to the recording.

Our Approach

We suggested building an XMPP based chat application that satisfied the realtime and reliability aspects of chat. We suggested a LAMP based backend to save all the user information and voice recordings and manage it easily. We suggested using a third party framework for the sound filtering and interleaving. With our agile development methodology, milestones were set for efficient project management.

The Challenge

The major challenge was audio processing and filtering. This is one of those areas that requires an extensive knowledge of the internal workings of iOS. We managed to find a framework that did most of the heavy lifting and customized it for our need. The dynamic filtering effect and complex UI for when we added background sounds needed us to come up with quick and smart solutions.


The app is live on the Appstore with celebrities taking the #EarimojiChallenge to showcase the Earimojis (background sounds).

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