The Saas-Based Custom E-commerce Platform Success Story

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  • 6 months ago
The Saas-Based Custom E-commerce Platform Success Story
The Saas-Based Custom E-commerce Platform Success Story


One of Asia's premier online clothing retailers, expanding globally with a diverse array of fashion products.



e-Commerce and Fashion Retail



A Comprehensive SaaS-Based e-Commerce Platform Redefining Online Shopping Experience


Business Requirement

The client sought to develop a comprehensive e-commerce web application to support their unique business model and extend their reach to the US market. They required a versatile software system that could seamlessly operate on web and mobile platforms. The website needed to empower customers with a markup tool to create their own designs. Additionally, customers should have the capability to generate 3D mock-ups featuring their designs on available products and proceed with orders. The application was also expected to feature an extensive admin system, automating the entire business process and generating essential data reports.



  • Innovative Design Tool: Developing a cutting-edge custom markup tool integrating third-party services for unique user-generated designs
  • Seamless Updates: Implementing real-time updates without page reloads ensures a dynamic user experience.
  • Scalability and Customization: Ensuring the platform could handle extensive customization while maintaining scalability for growing user demands



Key Features:

  • E-commerce Excellence: A complete suite of online sales functionalities ensures seamless transactions and user satisfaction.
  • Custom Markup Tool: Empowering customers to craft personalized designs, integrating seamlessly with the platform's interface
  • Version Management: Efficient handling and tracking of design iterations, enhancing user workflow
  • Responsive Customer Support: Enhanced customer engagement through responsive and user-friendly support systems
  • Streamlined Work Processes: Optimized work management systems boost internal efficiency and productivity.
  • Efficient Order Systems: Simplified ticketing, processing, and management of customer orders
  • Embroidery Work Management: Smooth handling of intricate embroidery processes, ensuring high-quality outcomes
  • Resource Optimization: Smart allocation of resources enhances operational effectiveness.
  • Data-Driven Reports: An advanced reporting dashboard generates insightful analytics for strategic decision-making.
  • Real-Time Interaction: Instantaneous information exchange through dynamic real-time updates fosters interactive user engagement.


Cubet’s Solution:

Given the extensive and scalable nature of the business requirements, we proposed a comprehensive solution that encompassed iterative software development and deployment plans. Our solution centered on building a custom e-commerce platform with scalability and robustness as key objectives. We opted for ReactJS as the frontend technology due to the need for heavy frontend customization and feature enhancements. To develop the custom markup tool, we employed Fabric JS, and for the backend systems, we recommended NodeJS.



The delivered solution transformed our client's online presence, enabling them to reach a wider audience in the US market. The custom e-commerce platform with integrated embroidery design tools provided customers with a unique and interactive shopping experience. The real-time updates and automation of business processes in the admin system significantly improved operational efficiency.

As a result, the client witnessed a substantial increase in customer engagement and satisfaction, facilitating growth and success in their expansion efforts. The project exemplified the capabilities of a comprehensive software solution tailored to meet the client's unique requirements.



  • GraphQL
  • React
  • Python
  • Web3JS

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